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Site content, consisting of promotions and also pricing, might be readjusted at any time. Us reserve the right, at any time in our sole discretion to: modify, suspend or discontinue any service, product, price, or promotion readily available through the websites, with or without notice.

Errors, inaccuracies & omissions: periodically there may be information on ours website that includes typographical errors, inaccuracies, or failure that might relate come pricing, promotions, product descriptions, offers, and also availability. Us reserve the right to correct any type of errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to adjust or update info if any kind of information ~ above the web page is inaccurate at any time without prior notice (including ~ you have submitted her order). Girlfriend can discover out much more about ours promotions & exclude, here.If you room seeing a price discrepancy In her cart: Occasionally, our site needs extra time to procedure pricing and promotional updates. If you are seeing an item include to her bag at a price that does not complement what is on screen, you re welcome perform screen refresh by pressing ctrl+F5. We apologize because that the inconvenience. If you continue to suffer issues, please contact customer business at 1-800-804-7194.Gift cards: Customers in the joined States might purchase Claire"s Gift Cards top top Every eligible customers may click the link in the footer of ours website to go to a web page to choose one or much more Claire"s Gift Cards indigenous an assortment of obtainable designs and also denominations that space redeemable in ours Claire"s stores in these respective countries. Claire"s Gift Cards denominated in united state Dollars and also purchased in Claire"s stores, from other retail locations, or indigenous might be redeemed on as well as in our us stores. Please watch our terms of Use for more details.

We encourage friend to produce an account with come make her shopping experience easier and faster. By creating an account you will certainly be able to:

Track your orders save addresses for much faster billing and shipping watch your previous order historyUse other magnified features of ours website

If you space a new customer, you may develop an account by clicking the Login/Register attach on the height right of the screen. You will certainly be triggered to fill in your name, email, bear date and also create a password. Once you have actually done so, click the "submit" button.

We supply to every 50 U.S. States, including Alaska & Hawaii so everybody deserve to enjoy good products indigenous Claire"s!

Standard (Ground) Shipping: $7.95Express Shipping: $13.95Next-Day Shipping: $19.99Our online save is proud to market standard shipping to APO/FPO addresses, despite it might take longer to arrive than the noted delivery times. Unfortunately, currently we execute not offer express shipping solutions to APO/FPO. Also, we perform not ship merchandise assignment internationally. Traditional shipping does not include express or next day shipping.

Our new and improved Buy virtual & Pickup In-Store company is obtainable in select states. Please view our to buy Online, Pickup In-Store FAQ here for an ext details.

How perform I return merchandise?

Our merchandise have the right to be went back or exchanged in our stores in ~ 60 work (90 days through a gift receipt) in its original condition, including all tags and also other item packaging, because that a full refund. If girlfriend purchased items digital at, you may likewise return lock to united state by delivery by complying with the instructions on the ago of her invoice, and also below. Us cannot process exchanges of virtual purchases via shipment. Store purchases can not be changed by shipment. Because that items purchase in multi buy supplies such together Buy one get one Free, purchase one acquire one 50% off, etc, you should return every items to buy under the sell for a complete refund together we will not refund on component purchase.In interests of hygiene and for your defense we execute not expropriate returns of, or refunds on, unsealed cosmetics, pierced earrings or jewelery sets containing earrings or real body jewelery uneven the items room of unsatisfactory quality or unfit for purpose. Please see our Return policy for item exclusions in above section.

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If you receive an incorrect item, or damaged merchandise, please contact client Support immediately by call 1-800-804-7194, or emailing customersupport

Returns In Store: You may choose to return or exchange her merchandise at a Claire"s store near you. Please have both a government-issued ID and the original receipt displaying prices obtainable to get a complete credit. If you used a credit card to make her purchase, please have actually that available for the store associate to credit your account. If you supplied PayPal to make your purchase, a full store credit will be made come Claire"s Gift Card. Because that returns there is no a receipt or with a gift receipt, us will problem a keep credit in the type of a gift map for the existing selling price. Exclusions: Items significant "Online Only" may be returned just by mail. By Shipment: If friend ordered her merchandise from us online, and would like to do a return by mail, girlfriend must load the was in that is original, unused condition, including tags and packaging, together with the return type provided in her order shipment. Please send her return via carrier of your selection to the deal with below.

We recommend utilizing an insured and also traceable delivery method to:chrischona2015.orgReturns Department2400 West central RoadHoffman Estates, IL 60192 Sorry, but Claire"s does not market exchanges through mail.

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