1. A great 2 switch is provided to switch incoming frames indigenous a 1000BASE-T harbor to a port connected to a 100Base-T network. Which technique of storage buffering would work best for this task? common memory buffering *Refer to curriculum topic: 5.2.2With mutual memory buffering, the variety of frames stored in the buffer is restricted only by the dimension of the entire memory buffer and also not minimal to a solitary port buffer. This permits larger frames to be transmitted with fewer to reduce frames. This is crucial to asymmetric switching, which uses to this scenario, wherein frames space being exchanged in between ports of various rates. With port-based memory buffering, frames room stored in queues the are linked to specific incoming and also outgoing ports making it feasible for a solitary frame to hold-up the transmission of all the frames in memory due to the fact that of a busy location port. Level 1 cache is memory provided in a CPU. Addressed configuration refers to the port arrangement in move hardware.2. What is the decimal identical of the hexadecimal value of 3F? 63 *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.1.2In order to transform a hexadecimal number to decimal, take into consideration that the digit to the far right represents the 1s column where worths 0 through F deserve to appear. A hexadecimal worth of A equates to the decimal number 10. B equals 11, and also so on v F equaling 15. The value of F in the number F equates to 15. Next consider the worth of 3 in the hexadecimal variety of 3F. That place holder is the 16s column. Multiple the number 3 times 16 for a complete of 48. Include 48 to 15 because that the grand complete of 63. Hexadecimal 3F equates to a decimal value of 63.?3. Which action is take away by a layer 2 switch when it receive a class 2 transfer frame? It sends the structure to all ports except the harbor on i m sorry it received the frame. *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.2.1When a class 2 move receives a frame with a broadcast location address, that floods the framework to all ports other than the harbor on which it obtained the frame.4. I m sorry two features or operations space performed through the MAC sublayer? (Choose two.) it is responsible for Media access Control. * that adds a header and also trailer to kind an OSI layer 2 PDU. * refer to curriculum topic: 5.1.1The MAC sublayer is the lower of the two data attach sublayers and also is closest come the physical layer. The two primary functions of the MAC sublayer room to encapsulate the data indigenous the upper layer protocols and to control accessibility to the media.5.Fill in the empty using a number.The minimum Ethernet frame size is........... Bytes. Anything smaller than that need to be thought about a "runt frame."Answer 1:64 *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.1.1Ethernet II and IEEE 802.3 standards specify the minimum framework size as 64 bytes and also the maximum together 1518 bytes.6. Once a move configuration contains a user-defined error threshold top top a per-port basis, come which switching technique will the move revert once the error threshold is reached? store-and-forward *Refer to curriculum topic: 5.2.2When the store-and-forward switching technique is used, the move receives the finish frame before forwarding that on come the destination. In contrast, a cut-through move forwards the frame once the location Layer 2 deal with is read.7.i209358v1n1_209358.pngRefer to the graphic. H2 has actually sent a broadcast message to every one of the hosts. If host H1 desires to answer to the broadcast message, i m sorry statement is true?H1 sends a unicast blog post to H2, and also the switch forwards it straight to H2. *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.2.1Since H2 has actually just sent a broadcast article to all hosts, the MAC attend to for H2 is currently in the move MAC table. A unicast blog post from H1 come H2 will because of this be forwarded by the switch straight to H2.8. When the store-and-forward method of switching is in use, what component of the Ethernet structure is supplied to perform an error check? CRC in the trailer. *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.2.2The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) component of the trailer is provided to recognize if the framework has to be modified throughout transit.? If the truth of the framework is verified, the structure is forwarded. If the truth of the structure cannot it is in verified, climate the frame is dropped.9. I209881v1n2_209881.pngRefer to the exhibit. What is the destination MAC attend to of the Ethernet frame as it leaves the net server if the final destination is PC1? 00-60-2F-3A-07-CC *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.3.1The location MAC attend to is offered for local shipment of Ethernet frames. The MAC (Layer 2) deal with changes at each network segment follow me the path. As the structure leaves the net server, it will be yielded by utilizing the MAC deal with of the default gateway.10. Fill in the blank.The binary number 0000 1010 can be to express as........... In hexadecimal.Answer 1:A *Refer to curriculum topic: 5.1.2The binary number 0000 1010 can be expressed as 0A in hexadecimal.11. What form of address is 01-00-5E-0A-00-02? an address that reaches a details group of hosts *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.1.2The multicast MAC resolve is a special value that begins with 01-00-5E in hexadecimal. It allows a source device to send a packet to a team of devices.12. Fill in the blank.On Ethernet networks, the hexadecimal address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF to represent the...........MAC address.Answer 1:BroadcastRefer come curriculum topic: 5.1.2On Ethernet networks, the transfer MAC attend to is 48 binary ones displayed as hexadecimal FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.13. What is the main purpose the ARP? fix IPv4 addresses come MAC addresses *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.3.214. Describe the exhibit. PC1 issues an ARP request because it needs to send a packet to PC3. In this scenario, what will happen next? RT1 will send one ARP reply through its very own Fa0/0 MAC address. *Refer come curriculum topic: 5.3.2When a network device has to connect with a an equipment on an additional network, the broadcasts one ARP request asking for the default gateway MAC address. The default gateway (RT1) unicasts an ARP reply with the Fa0/0 MAC address.15. Fill in the blank.The Ethernet...........

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Sublayer is responsible for connecting directly v the physics layer.Answer 1:MACRefer come curriculum topic: 5.1.1Ethernet at the data connect layer is divided into two sublayers - the MAC and the gmbh sublayers. The llc sublayer is responsible for connecting with the upper layers, and the MAC sublayer communicates directly with the physics layer.