Orbital overlapping concept is offered for explaining the ide of bonding in between the atom in the molecules. These overlaps room classified into two types based on their orientation the orbitals in the atoms.

1. End-on-end overlaps, offers a strong sigma (σ)\left( \rm\sigma \right)(σ) link

2. Side-ways overlaps results in the development of pi (π)\left( \rm\pi \right)(π) bond; this overlaps are called after your orbitals.

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Hybridization: Hybridization is a concept, which defines the mix of individual orbitals to acquire hybrid orbitals that are responsible because that bonding.

Hybridization of one atom have the right to be described by the number of sigma binding attached to the atom.

Consider carbon atoms in its various hybridized state as presented below:



The framework of the cumulene is displayed below.


From the offered structure, it is clear the there room two different carbon atoms according come the hybridization. Inside carbons are having sp\rmspsp hybridization when the terminal carbons are having actually sp2\rms\rmp^\rm2sp2 hybridization.


The provided compound structure is shown below.


From the structure, that is clear the there room four varieties of orbital-overlaps existing in the structure.

1. Sp2−s\rms\rmp^\rm2\rm - s sp2−s overlaps.

2. Sp2−sp\rms\rmp^\rm2\rm - spsp2−sp overlaps.

3. Sp−sp\rmsp - spsp−sp overlaps.

4. P−p\rmp - pp−p overlaps.

Ans: component B

The Orbital-overlap arisen in cumulene is shown below.


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