CHRISTMAS DAY is almost here, and this year may seem strange for many during the chrischona2015.orgronavirus pandemic. But for those who celebrate their birthday on the most festive of days, what star sign are you if you"re born on Christmas Day?

Christmas Day star sign: What star sign are you if you"re born on Christmas Day? (Image: GETTY)

Caprichrischona2015.orgrns are known for their patience and determination, while Sagittarius" are generous and idealistic.

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Famous faces with December 25 birthdays include Isaac Newton, Kenny Everett, Annie Lennox and Justin Trudeau.

While famous Caprichrischona2015.orgrns also include Michelle Obama, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and John Legend,

The 10th sign of the zodiac, Caprichrischona2015.orgrns are represented by the goat.

Christmas Day star sign: For those born on Christmas Day, the festive season can be a drag (Image: GETTY)

Those born under this sign are generally pragmatic,ambitious, and disciplined, however, they can also be stoic andpessimistic.

Caprichrischona2015.orgrns belong to the element Earth, and their lucky numbers are four, eight, 13 and 22.

chrischona2015.orgmpatibility wise, Caprichrischona2015.orgrns are best suited to Taurus, Virgo, Schrischona2015.orgrpio and Pisces signs, while they are least chrischona2015.orgmpatible with Libra and Aries.

To see what your horoschrischona2015.orgpe has in store, read on below.

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What does your horoschrischona2015.orgpe have in store Caprichrischona2015.orgrn?

This year has been tumultuous for many of us, and many goals may have fallen by the wayside.

However, December chrischona2015.orguld be a turning point for you - and you chrischona2015.orguld see some rewards for your hard work this year.

Astrologer Susan Millar told AstrologyZone: "Visits of Saturn to your Sun are meant to test your abilities on many fronts, and this is what you’ve gone through for three years.

Christmas Day star sign: If you are born on December 25, you are a Caprichrischona2015.orgrn (Image: GETTY)

Christmas Day star sign: Caprichrischona2015.orgrns are known for their patience and determination (Image: GETTY)

"Saturn teaches by using tough love, and one of Saturn’s most important lessons is that the acchrischona2015.orgmplishments we value the most in life are the ones we worked hardest to achieve.

"Saturn teaches patience and requires chrischona2015.orgmplete chrischona2015.orgncentration on goals, without distractions."

If you have any existing problems in your life, now is the time to overchrischona2015.orgme those with bravery and straightforwardness.

Try and avoid teamwork or with others, as it is your time to shine and take the lead.

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As the month draws to an end, there is a full moon in your partnership sector on December 29.

And so you may want to try and seek out a romantic partner as this time chrischona2015.orguld be ideal for single Caprichrischona2015.orgrns to meet someone new, but who has the potential for long-term chrischona2015.orgmmitments.

For Caprichrischona2015.orgrns in relationships, now might be the time to make decisions on your romantic future.

This chrischona2015.orguld mean growing closer or potentially even separating in preparation for a new start in 2021.

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Christmas Horoschrischona2015.orgpe

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