I have a 520H wheelhorse and I have constantly had difficulties adjusting reduced height. It constantly seems to desire to reduced to low no matter how I adjust it. I can raise the up v the hydraulics but then no one of the rollers struggle the ground and the deck moves side to side and also up and also so much the cut is uneven many of the times. Ns would choose to have actually it collection so you can drop the hydraulics and also the 2 deck wheel on the sides at the rear of the deck hold it increase in the back and the hydraulics or what ever is an alleged to level it in the front and also hold it over there to obtain the exactly height. What holds, or what is an alleged to host the front of the deck up so the it doesn"t destruction in?


I have actually spent countless dollars planting grass and also getting the to flourish then chop it under so low it kicks the bucket then the weeds take over.


I just spent 2 job rebuilding the deck where it lastly wore out in a pair places native the sand blasting activity that takes location when you are cutting in not so an excellent conditions. I have practically a mile that driveway that is more rocks than grass and also with the deck cutting so short all the time it captures h

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ll in those areas. I additionally use the in the woods a pair times a year keeping the under brush and tall grassy stuff from acquisition over. I use my old 1956 Gravely to walk behind come chop up the heavier stuff and also once i clean the end a spot and cut it with the Gravely a couple times ns then can acquire in there with the 520H and also keep it under from there.


It has actually a 1996 deck top top it and I think it is a 300 collection with a PN 78360. Whatever looks to it is in in place and nothing looks bending under there. Ns just had actually it out and also looked real an excellent at every the components to check out if anything was bent. Over there is a tiny play in the 4 carraige bolts that attach the deck come the 2 draft bars because all of those bushings come out in pieces when I took everything apart. Ns looked increase the parts and also want come order these bushings and a couple of other components for the deck because cutting season is currently here and also once I get behind it"s hard to get caught earlier up.

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WH nut 549

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WH nut 549

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How tall room you wanting to reduced it. With the deck wheels readjusted all the means up it should reduced at a small over 3 inches?