Oh yes. We are all quite acquainted with the butterflies in ours stomach that we endure when a at sight cute man flashes united state his pearly whites. It’s a beautiful feeling. However, periodically we are not always sure what the thinking for the laugh is and also that’s where things acquire a little confusing.

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We often discover ourselves thinking points such as, ‘Why is he smiling? do I have actually spinach in my teeth from lunch? Is over there toilet record on my shoe? go I carry out something funny?’


Usually as soon as a guy takes time to laugh at you it’s because that a decent reason. However, if he is smirking, it is a whole different story. To identify why a man is providing you a grin you need to think of the situation that you space in in ~ the time.

What are you two doing? execute you understand one another?

It doesn’t issue whether you understand one an additional or not, it’s generally a pretty good sign if he sends a laugh your way.

But you more than likely want specifics, right? Duh! it is why you came here.

So, read listed below to find out 4 various reasons he’s smiled at you!

Reason #1.) He thinks you are beautiful.

Men have tendency to have a fairly difficult time being subtle once they see a quite girl. From catcalling to pick up lines, there is constantly something that gives away the fact they room attracted to someone. One of these telltale signs is a straightforward smile. A smile is a much more gentle means of initiating a bond in between you and also him. Human body language is every little thing when it concerns letting someone understand you desire them. That may just not be right into being at sight obnoxious around it and thinks a smile will certainly suffice.

Reason #2.) that is flirting with you.

Of course, we just mentioned that he is telling you that he thinks you room attractive in reason number one, yet this is different. If girlfriend ran right into him top top the street and also he smiles at you, that is signalling you come tell you that he think you are good looking. However, if the two of friend are currently acquainted, at least a little bit anyways, he will certainly smile in ~ you together a method of flirting. If he has a good smile, that may recognize it, and use it to his advantage.

How perform you understand whether he is flirting or simply being nice? it is in on the lookout to watch if he does any other flirt tactics. These may include an extensive eye contact, subtle touching, playing with his hair and/or hugging. Girlfriend can absolutely determine the laugh was flirtatious if the does one or an ext of those together well.

Reason #3.) the is gift polite.

People in basic tend to smile as a means of simply being nice. A smile can have no meaning behind it, however it is a small hard for us to understand that. We aren’t telepathic after ~ all; analysis minds no possible. So how are you supposed to recognize if a guy is smiling due to the fact that he likes girlfriend or if he is smiling since he’s just being polite come you? Easy. It will certainly be a quick smile. There will not be lot eye contact with the smile, if any at all. He will not gain close to you while he does it. This type of smile an ext often than not comes from someone the you do not recognize so well. Strangers smile at strangers all the time.

Think ago to once the smiling occurred.

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Was he doing something come you as a favor and you to be thanking him?

Did he open a door for you or warning you around something?

A smile tends to come shortly after someone many thanks you because that doing something for them.

Reason #4.) he is trying come cheer girlfriend up.

When someone is having actually a bad day, we kind of desire to offer them miscellaneous that could cheer them increase a small bit. This could be a gift, a little hug, advice or even something together quaint together a smile. When you smile at who it makes them feeling a little much more optimistic.

Does the male in question recognize you nice well? does he recognize that you to be in a negative mood or having actually a poor day? If so, he might be trying to cheer girlfriend up. This is not regularly the thinking behind a smile from someone that is a stranger to you. However, the is commonly the factor for a smile given to friend by a friend that you know. Or at least an acquaintance of some sort.

When you space trying to decision what his smile meant, think around whether or no he to be smiling in ~ anyone else besides you. If he is, his laugh to you may mean nothing. Maybe he is just a truly nice guy and also likes to speed those this at everyone!