In thing 202 of the DragonBall manga, son ogong floats right into the air to see where his child is:


Then as soon as he is travelling follow me the eco-friendly scale road, he paris a portion of the means there. He likewise flies to assist combatting the Saiyans ~ his training with the lord of the Worlds.

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When did son ogong learn exactly how to fly, when previously he had actually only offered Kintou because that aerial movement?



The very first time we see Goku fly is in chapter 193, page 10. Krillin, master Roshi and Tien actually define it as the air Dance. Because the first time he saw the wait Dance was at the previous tournament, we have the right to conclude the he learnt in in in between the 2nd and third tournament, throughout his time training with Kami.


It was never shown, just how he learned to fly, therefore that"s pure speculation. The DragonBall-Wiki has actually a possible explanation:

Goku likely learned exactly how to fly from Kami throughout his lengthy training in ~ Kami"s Lookout, together he to be unable to perform so before and also demonstrated his abilities come conclude his human being Martial Arts tournament fight through Piccolo.

Source: Dragonball Wiki


Goku learned come fly throughout the first tournament arc while he was fighting Jackie Chun.

Albeit, the flied by rotating his tail choose a helicopter, i beg your pardon is a different technique than normal.



I think goku learned to fly in ~ Kaio"s earth (at the very least I think for this reason in the As soon as they fought Raditz, that still offered the Kintoun Cloud. And also he passed away that fight.

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