Turn on the TV, and there room the gorgeous Gossip Girls. Flip with a magazine, and also all the models space airbrushed. This push on young girls is naught new, yet it has actually evolved. As soon as you were a teen, did you upload your photo onto on facebook to share through all her peers?

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makeup artist Bobbi Brown claims she watch a tendency of girls wearing much more makeup in ~ a younger age. "I used to reserve black color eyeliner and also a small bit that a smoky eye for 18-year-olds, however there space plenty the 15- and also 16-year-old girls that wear the now," she says. "Ten years back they would never, but practically every girl currently wants black color eyeliner."Brown isn"t versus makeup on young teens if it"s excellent the ideal way. "All girls space beautiful—what it takes is time," she says. "Find what renders you special." Then, use makeup to improve that herbal beauty.Brown says looking for function models who space truly beautiful, favor tennis champ Venus Williams, golf agree Morgan Pressel and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."Strong is beautiful," she says. "Skinny is not."

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Step-by-Step teenager Makeup
How young is also young? Brown says 13 is an appropriate age to start wearing assembly in little amounts. "Middle institution is the moment to start, not fifth grade," she says. The very first step is to skip structure altogether. "I don"t think that girls require a full challenge of foundation," Brown says. Instead, lighten up just the undereye area with a yellow-based concealer.Next, also out skin tone making use of a tinted moisturizer v SPF. Sunlight protection—along v eating well, exercising and also not smoking—are Brown"s greatest beauty musts.To cover any redness and blemishes, Brown recommends a covering stick. Discover one together close to her skin tone together possible—not white, pink or ashy. Apply a little amount, blend with your finger and also finish through a dusting that powder.Lips and cheeks have the right to be magnified with a cream-based rouge. Dab that on as a sheer lip tint and also a blend throughout cheeks for a flush of color.Apply mascara come lashes. For unique occasions, Brown claims a smudge that shimmer eyeshadow is simply right.A clear pink lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch for all skin tones, Brown says. Teens have to avoid dark and matted lips. The end an outcome is a organic look that highlights—not hides—a teen"s finest features. Because that girls who love wild colors, Brown states to experiment through nail polish, no makeup. "Purple, black, blue—anything goes right currently with nails," she says.  perform you enable your daughter come wear makeup? What rules do you have? Share her comments below.