One Piece: Every Time A Straw hat Pirate Left The Crew (& Why) The Straw cap Pirates have faced tough time on much more than one occasion and despite being much more than a family, they"ve had actually to lose a bunch the members.

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The Straw cap Pirates are led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, and also are the most vital crew in the story. Hailing native the eastern Blue, Luffy has slowly got a powerful crew with dependable people every one of which space willing to offer up their lives for him.

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However, together with any type of crew, the Straw cap Pirates have challenged testing time on an ext than one occasion and despite castle being an ext than a family, they"ve had to shed a bunch the members, surprisingly.

Nami is the navigator the the Straw cap Pirates and also one of the first three members the the crew. She temporarily join the crew during the Orange town arc where Buggy was the key antagonist.

Traveling v the crew all the method up come Baratie, Nami stole the going Merry and left the crew. The factor behind this to be her deal with Arlong because that which she had actually to secure 100 million berry in order to buy ago Cocoyashi village from him. Eventually, Luffy and also the Straw cap Pirates visited Arlong Park to help Nami and set the village complimentary from the tyranny of Arlong.

Vivi is the princess that the kingdom of Alabasta who infiltrated the Baroque Works company in bespeak to find out the identification of Mr. 0. After successfully finding the out, she sought assist from the crew and asked them come drop she off in ~ Alabasta in exchange for riches. On their journey, however, the crew got extremely attached to both Vivi and her pet duck Karoo.

Vivi officially ended up being a member the the crew and together, they took down Crocodile and also his organization at Alabasta. ~ the country was freed, Vivi eventually decided to stay behind and also leave the crew in the hopes of conference up with them in the future and sailing the seas when again.

The medical professional of the Straw cap Pirates, Chopper was recruited through Luffy after ~ Nami to be bitten by a Keschia which offered her the "Five-Day Illness" at little Garden. To conserve her, they stopped at north Island where they met Tony Tony Chopper and also took him through them.

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Chopper had to forcefully leaving the crew at lengthy Ring long Island in the Davy ago Fight against the Foxy Pirates ~ the Straw cap Pirates shed the very first round, recognized as the Donut Race. To victory him back, Sanji and Zoro had actually to success the following round, called the Groggy Ring, and also they effectively did that in spite of only gaining along because that ten seconds. Chopper"s time far from the crew was a short one, however, had actually the crew lost to Foxy, the would very well need to stay together a crewmate of the silver Fox forever.

3 Usopp — Left throughout Water 7

Usopp join Luffy"s crew during the Syrup village arc whereby the Strawhats conserved the island indigenous the black Cat Pirates. Back Usopp was initially planning on setting to sea all alone, Luffy and Zoro invite him board the going Merry, do Usopp the sniper of the crew.

At Water 7, unfortunately, the Going merry was claimed unfit because that sailing any kind of further, and also Usopp"s reluctance to let the delivery go led to him leaving the crew. Every this was sustained by his insecurity about not being powerful or useful enough to the crew and also feeling worse in regards to strength. Usopp fought Luffy, lost, and also left the crew. After the events of Enies Lobby covering up, the apologized come Luffy and also was invited ago on the team as soon as more.

Nico Robin joined the Straw cap Pirates at the end of the Alabasta arc due to the fact that she want to die and also Luffy made decision to go against her decision and also saved her life. Having nowhere come go, she ended up continuing to be with the crew until the occasions of Water 7 transpired. Robin was uncovered out by the CP-9 and asked to rotate herself in together she could read the Poneglyphs and could help the people Government recreation the Pluton.

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Although Robin at first declined, she was required to agree because had she not done it, a Buster call would"ve to be launched against the Straw cap Pirates. To save their lives, Robin decided to go ahead with what the CP-9 said. Eventually, the Straw Hats chased her every the method to Enies Lobby to carry her back.

1 Sanji — Left To conserve His Father & The Crew

In a situation very comparable to Nico Robin, Sanji had to leaving the Straw cap Pirates throughout the Zou arc the One Piece whereby he gained a wedding invite from big Mom. His organic father, Vinsmoke referee had made decision to gain him married come Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family.

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Although Sanji never ever wanted to go ahead with the marriage, the was compelled into doing it by having explosive cuffs placed on his hands v which that cooked for his friends and being threatened with the death of Zeff, who he considers to be his real father. Luffy went to whole Cake Island come retrieve Sanji, however, was beaten by the in return, only to actually save them from large Mom as he couldn"t leave, and to safeguard Zeff. When everything fell apart, Sanji sought out Luffy and also rejoined the crew.