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By pokemonofthedaychick
Everybody remembers the great ol' Pokémon of

the day Guy, right? Well, once Gold and also Silver struggle the shores that the USand all the exaggeration had died down a bit, he made decision to move to the peak ofMount Kilimanjaro to seek enlightenment. Now that every self-respectingPokémaniac has actually Ruby and Sapphire on the brain, however, it's hightime us revitalize the age-old tradition of pass you her Pokémonof the Day! And, together everyone knows, there's just one thing better thana Pokémon that the day Guy...a Pokémon of the work Chick!

Each and also every day we'll be acquisition a nearby and an individual look atone of these distinct creatures dubbed Pokémon. Right here you'll discover allthe move you can ever want (learned, hereditary and also all compatible TMs/HMsfrom G/S/C and also R/B/Y, if applicable), reproduction chains for hereditary moves,Pokédex entries, basic descriptions, max stats, in-game locations,weaknesses and resistances, gameplay tips and also one or an ext suggested movesets
Have you play Pokemon decision Version?

(SUGGESTED, people; I'm not informing you what come do) to get the many bangfor your Pokébuck.

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I'll never know why human being like Togetic. Seriously. This thinghas laughably bad stats, is butt-ugly and also has a boring kind combo. Don'tget me wrong; I have actually a many respect for the Normal/Flying species Dodrio,Pidgeot, Fearow and even Farfetch'd and Noctowl...but how numerous representativesdoes that details group need? and if they had to make another one, whycouldn't they have made it...oh, i don't know, GOOD? yet alas, a surprisingnumber of world have asked for I perform Togetic, so below we are. Don't feelbad if girlfriend can't acquire Togetic to occupational for's solid a reflectionof your skills as a trainer; Togetic simply sucks.

NAME: TogeticTYPE: joy (Normal/Flying)HEIGHT: 2' 0"WEIGHT: 7 lbs.
EVOLUTION: evolves from Togepi once Togepi's tameness/happinessrating is satisfactory

AVAILIBLE IN: Gold, Silver, Crystal

LOCATION: The only way to acquire a Togetic in GSC (other thantrading) is to evolve the single available Togepi in the game (which isgiven to you in egg kind at the Violet City Pokemon Center).


Learned Moves:


G/S/CGrowl - BasicCharm - BasicMetronome - lvl 7Sweet Kiss - lvl 18Encore - lvl 25Safeguard - lvl 31Double-Edge - lvl 38
Compatible TMs:


G/S/CTM02 - HeadbuttTM03 - CurseTM04 - RolloutTM06 - ToxicTM07 - Zap CannonTM08 - absent SmashTM09 - Psych UpTM10 - hidden PowerTM11 - clear DayTM13 - SnoreTM15 - Hyper BeamTM17 - ProtectTM18 - Rain DanceTM20 - EndureTM21 - FrustrationTM22 - SolarbeamTM27 - ReturnTM29 - PsychicTM30 - zero BallTM31 - Mud-SlapTM32 - double TeamTM34 - SwaggerTM35 - Sleep TalkTM38 - Fire BlastTM39 - SwiftTM40 - Defense CurlTM42 - Dream EaterTM43 - DetectTM44 - RestTM45 - AttractTM47 - stole WingHM02 - FlyHM05 - Flash
Hereditary move (G/S/C only):
Foresight: breed a male Hoothoot/Noctowl through a mrs Togetic.

Future Sight: each other a male Natu/Xatu v a mrs Togetic.

Mirror Move: breed a masculine Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot or Spearow/Fearowwith a mrs Togetic.

Peck: each other a masculine Doduo/Dodrio, Farfetch'd, Hoothoot/Noctowl,Murkrow, Natu/Xatu, Skarmory or Spearow/Fearow v a mrs Togetic.

Present: breed a masculine Delibird through a woman Marill/Azumarill,Pikachu/Raichu or Snubbull/Granbull, climate breed the resulting male Marill/Pichu(evolve)/Snubbullwith present to a female Togetic.

Flamethrower: Togetic can additionally learn Flamethrower via theMove guardian in Goldenrod City (Crystal only).

===============================IN BATTLE================================Max stats at level 100HP: 313Attack: 178Defense: 268Special (RBY): noneSpecial attack (GCS): 258Special Defense (GSC): 308Speed: 178Effective against: Grass, Fighting, BugNot effective against: Electric, Rock, Steel, Ghost (Normalcan't hit)Resistant to: Ghost (immune), floor (immune), Grass, BugWeak against: Electric, Ice, RockSuggested movesetHeld items (GSC): quick ClawEncoreSafeguardSunny DayFire Blast/Solarbeam

I'm no in the mood to humiliation Togetic any much more than I already have(right this second, anyway), for this reason let's simply dive right right into the moveset.Ideally you'd switch it in versus something you recognize is about to usage Earthquake(for example, her opponent's Marowak versus your Jolteon). Usage Encoreand pray come whatever divine being you praise that it strikes before your opponenthas time to use one more move. Okay, for this reason the thought of a Togetic outspeedinganything is a little bit outlandish, yet you could get lucky v QuickClaw or happen to run into one the those reeeeeally slow Ground species likeRhydon. If you're successful, your foe will one of two people be grounding usinga move you're immune to for the next few rounds or else switch out. Eitherway, it method at least one cost-free turn for you.

Next in line is Safeguard. This is every Togetic is really great for,IMHO, setting up a Safeguard to advantage the rest of her party beforebeing recalled or killed. Safeguard is a decent move and also the truth thatit continues to be in place even if the spreading Pokemon pipeline the battle is nice.It's not a an individual favorite the mine, but it's not favor Togetic has actually a wholebunch of various other options.

Sunny Day, Fire Blast and Solarbeam are just filler as far as I'mconcerned. If you have an Encore in place you'll many likely have actually timeto set up a sunny Day, after i m sorry you usage Fire Blast or Solarbeam. Bothare powerful Special attacks that benefit greatly from sunny Day, for this reason choosewhichever one much better compliments the remainder of her party's moves. Also,Sunny work is another one the those handy assaults that can be pseudo-passedto the remainder of her party, therefore this Togetic can work well on a team withseveral Fire varieties or Synthesis-users.

Don't even bother do the efforts to find a STABed attack for Togetic; bothof its types are Physical and also its Physical strike is downright pitiful.Heck, this point learns the finest Normal type attack in the game (Double-Edge)on its own and I quiet wouldn't recommend you usage it! too bad, really,since it have the right to learn great attacks like Shadow Ball and Steel Wing together well.

I don't think I must spend much time explaining fast Claw; Togeticis slow-moving as a rock and also needs all the assist it can get in the speed department(especially once using Encore). Safeguard renders status-healing Berriesof small use, and I'd just as soon save Bright Powder and Focus tape fora Pokemon i was actually relying on (assuming you're battling through anItem Clause).

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Well...there's my somewhat lame attempt at making Togetic halfwayuseful. I'm open up to proposal on this guy; with so many human being requestinghim I number someone is bound come know exactly how to usage him to greatereffect. As lot as I gain ripping top top a Pokemon's weak points, ns feel uncomfortablesaying they flat-out suck...but until somebody proves me wrong, I'm willingto do an exception in Togetic's case.

Here's hope the relative uselessness the this "Happiness Pokemon"doesn't lug you too lot grief, and also tune in morning for one more barb-filledinstallment the Pokemon that the Day!