The humble bed is a vital item in ~ the game, allowing for many crucial mechanics such together respawning and bypassing night-time.

Beds were included to Minecraft over 10 years ago, in February 2011, making their first appearance officially in beta version 1.3. Being together an old block, there is rather a the majority of lore regarding the straightforward bed the players can not know.

The degree of knowledge most players have is that if their bed is destroyed, castle will spawn at the default ar of the world. As will be discovered however, there is much more to the nifty and also classic Minecraft Bed block.

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Unknown facts around the Bed in Minecraft

#5 Players deserve to tuck themselves right into bed

In bespeak to be tucked right into the sheets while sleeping in a bed in Minecraft, players space able to host the crouch key while attempting come sleep normally.

This will display a different animation to the default one, through a player snugly tucked under the sheets when resting. Although aesthetically pleasing, there is no practical difference to sleeping prefer this, and it"s simply a visual effect.

#4 the is feasible to ice skate ~ above beds

Players are able to ice cream skate on bed in Minecraft via merely placing bed on top of ice and running normally over said beds.

This will reason the mechanics of the bed block come act in specifically the same means as ice, make for part interesting and funny scenes.

#3 The bed is used in Speedrunning

Now, a the majority of players interested in speedrunning may already know this, yet the prominence of the bed in the present Minecraft speedrunning meta can not be overstated.

The bed is specifically used to kill the Ender dragon, in order come beat the game. This is possible due to the distinctive mechanic such that if a player attempts to sleep in the end dimension, your bed will explode, dealing large amounts of damages to something nearby.

#2 It"s feasible to sleep throughout the day

Minecraft thunderstorms can be scary, particularly such that the lightning from over has the chance to strike mobs such as creepers and turn them right into far more intimidating execution of themselves.

Luckily however, players space able to skip whole thunderstorm by simply sleeping though it. This is additionally currently a method players have the right to use come sleep during the day, which generally is not permitted.

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#1 Players take it fall damage after acquiring out that a bed

If a player easily gets into a resting state by interacting with a bed if falling, they will certainly not take any kind of fall damage. Right away in ~ least...