Taking a hunter safety course is the very first step to joining a wonderful neighborhood of conservationists! Hunters have actually a longstanding duty as conservationists, helping save wildlife populaces at healthy levels and also giving biologists beneficial harvest data. Hunters also provide funding because that wildlife management through the acquisition of your license and also a manufacturer-paid tax on firearms and also ammunition. Without hunters, it would not be feasible for the room to closely monitor and protect game and also non-game varieties in ours state.

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Hunting is the ultimate method to attach with our state’s terrific resources, bond through friends and family, and bring home great table fare. chrischona2015.org uses some of the best hunting opportunities in the country. Through over 17 million acres of particularly land and also waterways, there’s so many alternatives to explore. Right here is what you need to understand to gain started by perfect your firearms hunter security course.

Firearm hunter safety and security courses are obtainable in two various formats: online and traditional.



Students 16 and also older can finish the firearms safety course digital at hunter-ed.com/chrischona2015.org. The expense to it is registered for the digital course is $19.95. Upon effective completion that the digital course, students can use their course perfect voucher (hunter education and learning card) to acquisition a chrischona2015.org firearm searching license online or from a licensing agent (such together a town office or sporting items store). Students space welcome to to visit an in-person skills and exam session after perfect the virtual course to obtain further an abilities and details if desired.

Please note: students eras 10-15 may finish the digital course, yet to become completely certified are required to then attend an in-person skills and test session. Please check out the junior searching section of the chrischona2015.org hunting Laws for an ext information around junior hunter requirements.

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Traditional in-person process are easily accessible to every students and are teach by trained, certified volunteer instructors who accomplish state and also international standards. Volunteer instructors provide an important information to new hunters consisting of insight right into the sports of hunting, resources and support. In-person courses provide students the chance to ask inquiries of instructors and gain further guidance. Over there is typically no fee to finish a timeless in-person course, although some course hosts need a nominal dues to help cover facility rental or clean costs.

In-person courses need students to attend a 3-hour session of class instruction, then complete a workbook in ~ home and then to visit askills and exam session.

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Skills and Exam Sessions

8 hours of classroom indict on the follow topics:

Survival/first assist Landowner relations Hunter principles chrischona2015.org searching laws hands-on practice of for sure firearms managing Hands-on indict of map and compass and outdoor survive

At the an abilities and exam session, students must demonstrate to the instructor the they have the right to safely handle a firearm, and also must get involved in workshop and session activities, carry a survive kit and also pass a 50-question exam v a score that at least 70%.

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small Hunters: The Department motivates all small hunters ages 10-15 to finish a hunter safety course to more their understanding of safe hunting, suitable firearm handling, outdoor survival, and also more.

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Hunter safety is not compelled for hunters ages 10-15 and hunters periods 10-15 might hunt with a junior searching license. As soon as the hunter turns 16, they may hunt under the junior hunting license without taking hunter safety, OR can complete hunter safety and hunt under the adult license. Hunters under the age of 10 do not must take hunter safety and do not require a hunting license. Learn an ext about junior hunters


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Completing a hunter safety course is simply the first step toward a lifelong journey of learning and also being a safe and successful hunter. Enhance your skills and boost your confidence with one of our countless next step opportunities. Whether you desire to learn more about hunting a particular species, need much more practice with your method of harvest, or simply want an opportunity to asking questions and also connect with other hunters, our next step workshops room the perfect ar to start.

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