We’ve every heard the ambulances have the right to make web traffic lights turn green, but when there are various other cars in your way, the doesn’t necessarily assist them. In order to ensure that emergency vehicles obtain clear passage to respond to instances quickly, over there is a protocol that drivers must follow once an emergency automobile is approaching.

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What Counts as an Emergency Vehicle?

Emergency vehicles could be any type of of the following:

AmbulancesFire trucksPolice vehiclesPrivately owned vehicles supplied by firefighter or life assistance agencies

If any kind of of these vehicles space behind you and have your sirens activated and also lights on, you should clear a route for them.

The actions You should Take

The nationwide Highway website traffic Safety administration (NHTSA) gives a set of steps under the acronym SIREN to help drivers know what they must do in this situation. The SIREN protocol is as follows:

Stay Alert: as a driver, this is other you have to be act at all times anyway, yet there is special emphasis on listening to her surroundings so the you have the right to hear emergency automobile sirens or horns. This method paying attention to the road, keeping the music down in your car, and also possibly even driving v your home window cracked to far better hear outside the vehicle. Once you listen an emergency vehicle’s sirens, watch to view where the is top top the road.Investigate: look at in her rearview mirror as well as to the sides of your vehicle to gauge how rapid the emergency vehicle is going and also to figure out what you will carry out next.React: Pull end to the next of the roadway safely, signaling together you execute so come alert the driver the the emergency vehicle of her intentions. Despite it’s necessary to reaction quickly, you shouldn’t placed yourself or anyone rather in danger. After ~ pulling over, wait till the emergency auto has passed, and look because that others—there might be more than one ~ above the way.Enter: Next, re-enter the roadway. Be sure it is for sure for you come get earlier on the road, then signal and merge with traffic. If you are on the next of the highway, it is in extra cautious as friend will need to obtain up come freeway speeds.Never: There space a couple of things you have to avoid law in this situation. Nothing pull end or prevent somewhere if over there isn’t sufficient room because that you to do so safely. Girlfriend should also never monitor an emergency auto or try to pass one. Stay a minimum of 500 feet behind a moving emergency automobile that has its lights and siren on.

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What If I view a stopped Emergency Vehicle?

If this is the case (for instance, emergency responders space helping individuals involved in one accident), friend should alleviate your speed and also move end a roadway if girlfriend can. If you’re can not to readjust lanes, you will have to slow down and proceed cautiously. This is known as the “Move over Law,” and it applies in all 50 states.

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