alright, I must settle a controversy with the hubby. Remember the episode wherein Peter Brady states "pork chops and also applesauce"? The hubby states that it was coined on the Brady Bunch. I saw it was W.C. Areas that coined the phrase. Find me proof of who stated it first. I"ve searched however my google-fu is weak.A cookie come the very first person to positive identifies past a doubt wherein the phrase was coined.

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Peter Brady stated it (and said it in the manner the he said it in) *because* it to be coined by WC areas first.

Who cares. Pork chops and also apple sauce are an excellent together. Even better is the Pork Chops cooked with/in some type of actual Apple.

desperate need of linky come prove this... Us made a bet on it and also I must win this bet! and also prove the I"m no crazy and also I do understand something around nothing!

Take a pretty boneless pork roast, mix grated garlic (I usage the type in a jar) through breadcrumbs and pat tightly come the entire top side, climate lay in a pan and pour in about a 4 minutes 1 an inch of to apologize juice. Cover with foil (tenting over the meat) to save the vapor in and also roast in a 300 degree oven because that a pair hours prior to taking turn off the foil and also broiling because that a few minutes come brown the garlic/crumb crust. Take out of the oven, let collection for 5 minutes prior to slicing. Serve v homemade applesauce and green bean sizzled in hot oil v a couple of drops of pepper sauce.I simply made myself hungry.

Please. Anyone knows this phrase was only popularized through Homer Simpson. A an excellent connoisseur if there ever was one. Great Luck

Go hereI"m not reading through all that. -- View image here: --

I understand W.C fields used the phrase "Applesauce!" all the time, but when go he to speak "pork chops and also applesauce"?

... No idea that coined the term,but...I do enjoy Applesauce (as well together sour cream) on my wiener schnitzel.

"Remember that Brady Bunch episode when Bobby to be hooked on doing impressions and he maintained doing James Cagney saying "Pork Chops and also Applesauce"?from here:

Don"t recognize the original movie the quote come from, yet have heard that the hatchet originates from inexpensive applesauce being served with otherwise plain meals in boarding residences to dress up the meal and thereby coming to median flattery. For this reason it might be check out as "pork chops and flattery"

I think you"re wrong, and also it was just Peter who stated Pork Chops and also Applesauce. In the illustration he was working on coming up through a personality. Therefore he made decision that the should shot and be choose Humphrey Bogart. They were having Porkchops and Aplesauce for dinner. So Peter request Alice what lock were having actually for dinner and also she said "porkchops and also applesauce" and also he just kept repeating the in his Humphrey Bogart voice. Http:// 3 episode 6.
Episode 6: Personality KidAt a party Greg is told that he "has no personality" in spite of the party no being that great itself.In an attempt to change that he starts to imitate Humphrey Bogart, "Porkchops and applesauce.".
In the 20s and also 30s, "Applesauce" expected flattery. Seeing as exactly how pork chops and also applesauce to be Field"s favourite dinner and also applesuace was a dual entendre, i assume WC areas liked pork chops and flattery because that dinner.PS - Achewood sucks.

Pork chops + mushroom sauce/creame -- View photo here: --

The Personality son - The "porkchops and applesauce" episode. In ~ a party, Peter to be told he has actually no personality. Rather than admit he simply had actually a bad time in ~ a dull party, that tries to develop a new personality. He forces several various personas - including his infamous impersonation of Humphrey Bogart in describing the family"s meal, but none the them go over well. Later, the buys a hoax book, yet when he tries them the end at his party, he finds anyone knows the punchlines. Simply as he"s make the efforts to keep his party afloat, Bobby and also Cindy (who in the subplot were on a security campaign) contact a surprised fire drill, forcing everyone to flee the house.

God dammit: that comic IS no FUNNY. If also in close proxmity to something the is funny, it will suck the funny out of that post and also posibbly the entire thread. ACHEWOOD SUCKS. It is anti-funny. It is stupid.

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Originally post by Pocky Is God:God dammit: that comic IS not FUNNY. If also in near proxmity to something that is funny, it will certainly suck the funny the end of the post and also posibbly the entire thread. ACHEWOOD SUCKS. That is anti-funny. The is stupid.

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