Prior understanding Questions (Do these prior to using the Gizmo .) A lever is a long beam that is collection on a spicy fulcrum…

Student Exploration: Triple Beam Balance

Vocabulary: fulcrum, lever, mass, rider, triple beam balance

Prior expertise Questions (Do these before using the Gizmo.)

A lever is a lengthy beam the is set on a sharp fulcrum. A hefty rock is put on a lever, as shown. Attract an arrow where you have to push under to elevator the rock many easily.

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Suppose you want to balance the rock through a smaller rock. Whereby would you put the smaller sized rock? draw a smaller rock top top the diagram over so that it balances the large rock.

Gizmo Warm-up

A triple beam balance is a form of lever that is used to measure up mass, or the lot of issue in one object. Things with an unknown mass is put on the measure up tray. On the various other side of a fulcrum, a collection of slide weights, referred to as riders, slide on beams come balance the object.

Practice utilizing the balance in the Triple Beam Balance Gizmo™

Where is the fulcrum the this lever?

How do you balance the object on the measure tray?


Measuring mass

Get the Gizmo ready:

Set all the Riders to 0.

Question: how is a triple beam balance used to discover mass?

Observe: The riders have actually masses that 10 grams (top), 100 grams (middle), and also 1 gram (bottom). Drag the 100-gram driver to 300. At this place it balances a 300-gram mass.

What wake up to the pointer?

Compare: place each thing on the measure tray, one in ~ a time. I beg your pardon objects have a mass better than 300 grams?

How do you know?

Measure: move the 100-gram rider back to 0. Location the light pear on the tray.

Move the 100-gram driver to the right, one notch in ~ a time, until the guideline sinks. Now move the 100 gram rider ago to the left one notch. (The pointer have to lift up.)

Move the 10-gram rider to the right, one notch at a time, till the guideline sinks listed below the zero mark. Now move the rider earlier to the left one notch.

Slowly move the 1-gram rider until the pointer lines up through the zero mark.

Calculate: The mass of the light pear is the sum of the worths on every rider. To get a magnified view of the 1-gram rider, ar the cursor over that rider. (Each tick mark represents 0.1 g.

100-g rider: 10-g rider: 1-g rider:

Mass the the light bulb: ­­245.6

Note: since the position of the 1-g slider can be estimated to the nearest 0.01 g, the fixed measurement is generally recorded to the nearest hundredth. Because that example, we would certainly write 201.32 g or 146.70 g if the slider is precisely on a 0.1-g mite mark.

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Practice: usage the Gizmo to find the fixed of the various other objects. Write their masses below.