Ever due to the fact that its arrival in Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl, the Old Chateau has been just one of the many mysterious locations in every one of the Pokemon games. The presence of genuine ghosts and also the secret Pokemon Rotom, encountered in that video game as if it to be a legend Pokemon, left football player wanting more. Pokemon Platinum expanded the lore of Rotom and also the Chateau, but a clear picture was never ever painted, until freshly that is. With brand-new information provided in the Pokemon Generations episode as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I think I have actually the information to deal with every an enig of the Old Chateau.

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Let's begin with the most prominent case, Rotom. In Pokemon Platinum, a new area is easily accessible to the player in Team Galactic's Eterna City Building. Within the building, along with Rotom's appliances, space two journals. One is a research study journal written by Team Galactic's scientist Charon, and also the other is a child's journal, plainly written by someone else. Notice how in the research journal Charon is discovering Rotom's engine inhabiting abilities for the an initial time, conversely, the child watched Rotom possess a lawn mower.

Remarkably, Rotom has the capability to enter and also merge v special motors.

At that instant, a Pokémon startlingly emerged from the lawn mower's motor!

Now, it's generally theorized the the small Girl in the Old Chateau is the writer of the notebook and also that Rotom killed her, however that never made much sense, together the notebook ends through Rotom and also the boy reuniting, not the child's death. However, there is one character that is offered a comparable backstory to the son in the journal. A young boy, socially awkward through cold, uncaring parents has no friends yet finds solace in toys and also machines he have the right to tinker with. This boy, is Cyrus, leader that Team Galactic. If Cyrus is undoubtedly the author of the journal, the can define Cyrus's motivations because that hating human spirit. In the journal, Rotom escape after being startled by the child. Those feel of pain and also loss at having actually your finest friend, your only friend abandon you can drive a child choose Cyrus to think that feeling emotions and also the existence of human spirit is wrong. What good are this emotions if they only serve to hurt him? This can additionally explain why the Rotom Room is in the Galactic Eterna base, the only time Rotom's appliances are associated to an angry team. Charon is provided the newspaper by Cyrus himself to aid in his research. Cyrus gave up Rotom come Charon.

I establish that us would continue to be friends transparent our lives...

This is the last heat of the journal, i don't know around you however to me it has actually an ominous ton to it. Cyrus, who after being abandoned by Rotom solved to rid himself of emotion, find his friend again, and also realizes that if things continued to be the method they were he may shed his resolve. So, he decides to provide up Rotom, his only attachment to optimistic emotions, and enable Charon to experiment ~ above it. But I've been speculating up till this point, correct Rotom has actually connections to Team Galactic, but Cyrus specifically? This question went unanswered for a decade, until Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In episode RR, we satisfy an alternating universe variation of Cyrus who has actually completed his mission of producing a people devoid the spirit. This Cyrus, while at peace with himself, speak to no the player yet Rotom Dex directly, reassuring him.

I see. ...You require not worry, Rotom. I will certainly not perform anything to this world. I think I shall go back to the perfect civilization I created.

He reassures Rotom specifically, talking to him in a friendly way he confirmed no other character in any of his various other appearances. It's together if he is remembering other fondly, something he now remembers with fondness together he is at peace with his spiritless world, free of the pain and also hurt the felt as a child. Now, I know most the you space asking the question, what does any type of of this need to do v the Old Chateau? Well, Rotom isn't indigenous the Old Chateau, that escaped to there. Together i declared earlier, we know that Rotom was when at the Galactic Eterna building, the topic of Charon's research and experiments. Due to the fact that he is no longer there, he must have escaped. Where would a wild Pokemon like Rotom walk while on the run? come a habitat Rotom would feel comfortable in. A surrounding location filled through Ghost-Type Pokemon. The Old Chateau is right exterior Eterna City, situated in the Eterna Forest. Rotom is hiding out in the Old Chateau, hiding from the human beings that betrayed it and also abandoned it. You have the right to tell Rotom is hiding native the Generations episode. Cheryl is assaulted by the small Girl only once she reads the document referencing Rotom. The girl doesn't want any human recognize Rotom there.

The Old man in the Old Chateau is a perplexing mystery. Is he the butler? The little girl's father? Grandfather? Nothing around him is rather clear. In the Pokemon Generations episode, you room sent combined signals. The answers the door, and also shows the guests around, choose a servant would. However, he sits at the head the the table during dinner, something just the head the a household would do. The servant does not sit in ~ the table in ~ all, allow alone the head that the table. Also, over there is a large portrait that the Old man on the wall surface in the entrance, again where the head the the household's portrait would certainly be, certainly not a butler's portrait. You deserve to tell these room the same guys by their comparable hair and also their identical clothing, the only distinction being the mustache sizes. So, is he a servant or the head the the household? Well, i think the price is neither.

Later in the episode, once he begins to fear Cheryl and her Chansey, the Old Man transforms form, first taking the form of a lightning storm, chasing the trainer, however then, right before they disappear, the takes top top a various form. The kind of a giant Haunter. There are just two other instances of gigantic Haunters in the entire Pokemon franchise. The illusion the a Haunter in Fear factor Phony, where the illusion is conjured by ghost form pokemon, a continual Haunter among them, and Black Fog, the giant, old Haunter from the electric Tale the Pikachu Manga. In both cases, Haunter was in one way or an additional the true type of the gigantic Haunter. So, why would the huge Haunter in the Old Chateau be any type of different, possibly Haunter is the Old Man's true form. This explains the inconsistency of his role as servant or head of the household. However why that form? my guess, is because that the little girl. The butler is the caretaker that the home, and also the house's head is the strong, reliable figure you look increase to. This Haunter is taking treatment of this tiny girl, whose heart is trapped in the Old Chateau, taking the timeless roles the caretaker and also strong, dependable father-figure that a little girl could need while farming up.

And this falls in line v my theory around Rotom in the Old Chateau, they're every hiding out and also being taken care of. This may expose the role of the Old Chateau together a whole. It's a ghost sanctuary. Ghosts and also Ghost-Type Pokemon who room trapped over there or have nowhere else to walk hide out in the Old Chateau and also they treatment for and also are cared because that by one another. It's actually pretty wholesome because that a theory around a dead child and the creepy home she stays in.

The only question left is, who is this little girl, and also what is she act here? If Rotom didn't kill her, if the Old guy is just a Haunter and didn't die through her, climate what happened? Well, this is whereby I think ns take the biggest leap, yet it's not without it's evidence. To discover out what occurred to the tiny Girl, we look at what isn't there. If Rotom and also the Old man aren't original residents, then wherein did the small Girl's household go? The residence is abandoned with no trace of anyone else in the home save for part wild Pokemon that choose to inhabit abandoned buildings.

Well, the heart of a child, an abandoned house with no authorize of a family, this is starting to sound like an additional location in the Pokemon World, The Strange residence in Unova. In the strange House, a young girl dropped victim come Darkrai's nightmares, through her family members failing come revive her in time with Cresselia's Lunar Wing. The girl's soul wanders the home and the Marvelous Bridge, if the surviving family members flees the house, abandoning your doomed daughter.

An abandoned house, the lonely spirit of a ghost girl, Darkrai, the story fits right here too. Darkrai is recognized to prey on kids in the Sinnoh region. Seafarer Eldritch's son drops prey to Darkrai's spell before being rescued through the player, and even the player themselves ends up trapped in one of Darkai's nightmares if they get in the exit Harbor Inn. It isn't too lot of a stretch to say that this tiny Girl can have likewise been among Darkrai's victims. Places where Darkrai's nightmares claim victims always end up abandoned by the survivors. The harbor Inn and also the Strange home were exit for the reason, possibly the Old Chateau was abandoned for that reason as well.

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Darkrai's nightmares eliminated the little girl in the Old Chateau, resulting in the household to give up it. A huge Haunter bring away the from of one old man, acquisition up the duties of both caretaker and also mentor/role design for the tiny girl's spirit that is trapped in the house, establishing the Old Chateau as a type of ghost sanctuary. Rotom was Cyrus's Pokemon, that betrayed Rotom and sent that to be experimented on through Charon. Rotom escaped Team Galactic custody and hid in the Old Chateau in the surrounding woods to be defended by the Haunter taking treatment of the place and also the small girl who lives there.