“Where, five where, space you tonight?Why go you leaving me here all alone?I searched the civilization over and also I assumed I’d discovered true love.But friend met another and pthhp! You to be gone.”

– Roy Clark, “Where room You Tonight?” from Hee Haw

Gloom, despair, and agony top top me! I just made an allusion to Hee Haw. And if friend don’t understand what i am talking about, then go to YouTube and enjoy.

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My Saturday nights to be filled with Hee Haw together a boy in the farmland the the Georgia Piedmont.

But if ns simply changed a couple of words in the chorus while maintaining the spirit of the song, it can be an accurate anthem for the first two month of note Johnson’s tenure.

If I together a teacher walked right into a classroom full of students without a lesson plan and also declared that I would certainly take the very first quarter just to uncover out what the students were like and also what they can want to learn, i would more than likely be dismissed (yes, I deserve to be dismissed even though I have due-process rights) from my project or at least severely reprimanded.

Simply put, I would not have done my job. Ns would have actually short-changed my students, my fellow teachers, my administration, the parents, and also really the community at large.

Billy Ball’s current account in NC plan Watch entitled “Unofficial DPI spokesman raises questions of accountability, transparency,” reports top top a PR executive, that is no an yes, really employee of the state or one appointee of the room of windy Instruction, and also how the has come to be a de-facto spokesman because that the state’s brand-new superintendent mark Johnson.

Ball says worrying this human named Jonathan Felts,

“Felts, a previous George W. Shrub White house staffer, skilled GOP consultant and an elderly advisor to previous Gov. Play McCrory, states he’s acquisition no pay because that his job-related in the office of new Superintendent mark Johnson.

Yes, it is a tiny weird that a “transition chairman” be performing this “labor that love” to aid out the new superintendent. And yes, that raises questions about accountability and transparency. However there is a bigger inquiry here.

Where the hell is note Johnson and also what has actually he to be doing to help “reform” our antiquated public institution system?

“Where, oh where, room you today?Why walk you leaving us right here all alone?I searched the state end to just acquire some answers.But you met another and pthhp! You to be gone.”

Oh, right. He’s out “listening” come people.

Does it no seem the THE leader that public education and learning in the state of north Carolina, the instructional leader because that the unit top top transforming what he referred to as an antiquated system, be up in front of the class that is this state top the discussing and execution of the class plan.

Even he talked around the urgency that the case especially in his very first words come the state plank of education in at an early stage January.

“There will never ever be one more Jan. 5, 2017 ever before again. No matter just how we usage this day, if we make the many of it, if us waste it, the gone. Every day we don’t take it bold actions for our student is a day we lose. Every day us don’t take it bold actions for our teachers, is a job they lose.”

Johnson even lauded the exchange of strength from the state board to the superintendent v bills like HB17. On December 18, 2016, the Winston-Salem newspaper reported,

Among the provisions limiting the power of Gov.-elect Roy Cooper, house Bill 17 strips strength over the state’s substantial public education system from State board of Education and transfers it come the State Superintendent of public Instruction.

Starting in January, that will be Johnson. The 33-year-old lawyer was two years right into his first term on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County colleges Board of education when the beat incumbent June Atkinson, a 40-year veteran that DPI. The Democrat to be seeking she fourth-term. Johnson’s previous education and learning experience contains two year in Teach for America, where he taught at West Charlotte High School.

After the bill’s i Friday, Johnson commended lawmakers for passing “straight-forward, common-sense reforms.”

“HB 17 will help usher in one era of greater transparency at DPI by eliminating the an ext confusing elements of the relationship in between the N.C. Superintendent and the N.C. Plank of Education,” Johnson said.

“This will better serve ingredient visiting Raleigh as our working connection will be an ext similar to just how local superintendents and their corresponding boards of education and learning work together throughout North Carolina.”

HB17 would actually offer the State board of Education significantly less monitor of Johnson’s decisions at the department of public Instruction, though, than Johnson had as a member the the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County plank of education over the district’s superintendent.

One example: hiring and also firing.

Yet, what we have mostly heard native the state superintendent space words native a non-paid spokesperson who still has some kind of title that applies to change chair.

Mark Johnson claims he plans to invest the rest of the college year top top his listening tourism to come up with a list of action items to current as component of his vision to change NC publicly schools.

That’s January v June, or:

Six months.180 days.One/eighth the his term together state superintendent.One/fourth the lot of time he spent in one unfilled hatchet on a regional school board.A little over 25% the the lot of time he to be a teacher.

Billy Ball additionally made a suggest of how Johnson appears a small “press-shy” often decreasing interviews with media outlets worrying his “urgency.”

It seems as if the teacher in ~ the former of the room is refusing come answer a question concerning the lesson indigenous a student that really desires to understand what is walk on.

Teachers are always available to students, specifically during course at while in ~ school. One would intend the very same from the instructional leader the the state’s teachers.

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At the very least that to be what the was elected to carry out when world assumed the he had actually listened come them when campaigning and also was prepared to begin his procedure as soon as he took office.