When you arrive in Verdanturf Town,you"ll desire to first heal her Pokemon, and then get in the cave at the peak of the town. Fight the solitary trainer,and walk all the means north. Stop the rock to speak to the human inside. He"ll give you HM04 - Strength, and will leave v the woman. Teachthe TM come a Pokemon, also though girlfriend won"t it is in needing it because that a while.

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Go west, and come out on course 116. Talk to the green guy, and also he"ll give you a Repeat Ball.Get earlier into the cave, and also get earlier to Verdanturf Town.

Locations (Rusturf Tunnel)

Contest House

There isn"t lot to perform in Verdanturf Town.Well, the course, you"ll an alert a an intricate building, similar to the one in a vault city. It"s the dispute House! In stimulate toenter, first go inside and talk to the counter-lady. She"ll give you a Contest Pass. Afterwards, if you desire to enterright now, just say "Yes". Pick a Pokemon you want to enter with, and take you come a place full of trainers and also spectators. In theupper-right hand corner is a lady who will give you TM45 - Attract.

This challenge House is changed in Emerald through a fight Tent prefer the one in Slateport City.Now you"ll should leave, and also head come the following city. In order to execute that, go back to Mauville City, and head increase to route 111.

Route 111, 112, and 113

Route 111 is a course with countless stairs, and also many dangers. Among the for this reason called risks is at a calm littlehouse in ~ the near start of the route. A man is stand outside. Speak to him, and also he"ll battle you. After friend beat him, you"dthink about leaving, right? No! all of his household members come out one by one to fight you, and also you won"t it is in given any kind of time come healyour Pokemon. ~ you fight all 4 of them, walk inside and also talk come the mother on the upper-right hand corner. She"ll provide youa Macho Brace.

Fiery Path

Smash the rocks, and you might want to have actually a two-on-two fight with the video crew. Eventually, you"ll with a desert v a raging sand storm.You won"t have the ability to get with though, so walk west onto path 112. You"ll soon reach a cavern with steam spouting everywhere. Friend won"t have the ability to push the rock you view in the cave until you gain your next badge. So go straight, and come out the various other side.

Locations (Fiery Path)

You"re ~ above the other side that the desert. Walk up the mountain. You deserve to only do so on a Bike, because the roadway is slippery. There are two means to obtain onto the mountain, one north and one south. Fight the Blackbelt on top. There"s a rest protect against there that"ll heal your Pokemon. On this component of route 111, you"ll watch a guy dealing with the trees. Talk to him, and also he"ll offer you TM43 - an enig Power. Teach this come a Pokemon,and it"ll enable you come make mystery Bases one of two people in large-size tree or in mountains and caves. In ~ the peak of the route is a tiny girl who"ll provide you a Berry.

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Locations (Route 111 and Desert)

Locations (Route 112)

It"s Ashing!

You"ll ultimately go onto path 113. It shows up that volcanic ash is floating ~ above this route. Together you walk past the ground, the grass transforms gray as it is covered with ash. You"ll an alert bumps ~ above the ground. They rotate out to it is in items! watch outfor the trainers hiding in the ash too!

As you"re traveling on path 113 you"ll notification a little house. Walk in there, talk to the man, and also he"llgive girlfriend a Soot Sack. Friend see, this human being makes glass the end of ash. He speak you to collect ash with this item, and also then check out him once you have actually enough. After walking 243 actions in the ashes, you have the right to go come him to acquire a Blue Flute,a item that awakens sleeping Pokemon. Come the left of the house is however another little bump. This bump consists of TM32 - double Team, for this reason itwould it is in a good idea to gain that. After ~ a long trek, you"ll find human being in Fallarbor Town.