When you arrive in Verdanturf Town,you"ll want to first heal your Pokemon, and then go into the cave at the top of the town. Battle the single trainer,and go all the way north. Smash the rock to talk to the person inside. He"ll give you HM04 - Strength, and will leave with the woman. Teachthe TM to a Pokemon, even though you won"t be needing it for a while.

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Go west, and come out on Route 116. Talk to the green guy, and he"ll give you a Repeat Ball.Get back into the cave, and get back to Verdanturf Town.

Locations (Rusturf Tunnel)

Contest House

There isn"t much to do in Verdanturf Town.Well, of course, you"ll notice a fancy building, just like the one in a previous city. It"s the Contest House! In order toenter, first go inside and talk to the counter-lady. She"ll give you a Contest Pass. Afterwards, if you want to enterright now, just say "Yes". Choose a Pokemon you want to enter with, and take you to a place full of trainers and spectators. In theupper-right hand corner is a lady who will give you TM45 - Attract.

This Contest House is replaced in Emerald with a Battle Tent like the one in Slateport City.Now you"ll need to leave, and head to the next city. In order to do that, go back to Mauville City, and head up to Route 111.

Route 111, 112, and 113

Route 111 is a path with many stairs, and many dangers. One of the so called dangers is at a peaceful littlehouse at the near beginning of the route. A man is standing outside. Talk to him, and he"ll battle you. After you beat him, you"dthink about leaving, right? No! All of his family members come out one by one to battle you, and you won"t be given any time to healyour Pokemon. After you battle all four of them, go inside and talk to the mother on the upper-right hand corner. She"ll give youa Macho Brace.

Fiery Path

Smash the rocks, and you might want to have a two-on-two battle with the video crew. Eventually, you"ll reach a desert with a raging sand storm.You won"t be able to get through though, so go west onto Route 112. You"ll soon reach a cave with steam spouting everywhere. You won"t be able to push the rock you see in the cave until you get your next badge. So go straight, and come out the other side.

Locations (Fiery Path)

You"re on the other side of the desert. Go up the mountain. You can only do so on a Bike, since the road is slippery. There are two ways to get onto the mountain, one north and one south. Battle the Blackbelt on top. There"s a rest stop there that"ll heal your Pokemon. On this part of Route 111, you"ll see a guy facing the trees. Talk to him, and he"ll give you TM43 - Secret Power. Teach this to a Pokemon,and it"ll allow you to make Secret Bases either in large-size trees or in mountains and caves. At the top of the route is a little girl who"ll give you a Berry.

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Locations (Route 111 and Desert)

Locations (Route 112)

It"s Ashing!

You"ll eventually go onto Route 113. It appears that volcanic ash is floating on this route. As you walk past the ground, the grass turns gray as it is covered with ash. You"ll notice bumps on the ground. They turn out to be items! Watch outfor the trainers hiding in the ash too!

As you"re traveling on Route 113 you"ll notice a little house. Go in there, talk to the man, and he"llgive you a Soot Sack. You see, this person makes glass out of ash. He tells you to collect ash with this item, and then see him when you have enough. After walking 243 steps in the ashes, you can go to him to obtain a Blue Flute,a item that awakens sleeping Pokemon. To the left of the house is yet another little bump. This bump contains TM32 - Double Team, so itwould be a good idea to get that. After a long trek, you"ll find civilization in Fallarbor Town.