Built on a stretch the Massachusetts highway, the Burlington Mall consists of a Cheesecake Factory, a FYE, and department stores v perfume counters that smell a tiny too sweet. ~ above the ground floor, through this maze of average-Americana, is a bustle that pure-Hollywood activity: tall lights hang in between shops and also producers scream orders.

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It’s mid-afternoon and we – me and also three other journalists – be safe on comfortable animal leather sofas through Steve Carr, the manager of James’ new comedy, Paul Blart: shopping mall Cop. If the director crack jokes with Mike Vallely, a champion skateboarder that plays the baddest the the negative guys, the busyness of the adjacent collection is obvious. ~ a few minutes, Carr silences his buzzing cell phone and grumbles, “I have to go tell people what to do,” and also strides a few steps over to whereby Kevin James, face sticky through bruise-makeup, is tumbling right into a bank built because that the film. Mall-goers lean over the second floor railing, watching.

James, the comedian renowned for his starring seasons on “The King of Queens” (not to mention scene-stealing turns in Hitch and also I now Pronounce friend Chuck and also Larry), is an enthusiasm foreground visibility in every side of the film: he’s developing it, he created it, he thrived a moustache because that it, he plays the title duty in it, and also when we arrive top top the set he’s deep right into filming the climax, protecting against for a breather to chat with push (Read the full interview here).

“It honestly come from me very first saying I wanted to execute a ‘CHiPs’ form of thing, gift in a cop uniform and also having authority and trying to be a negative ass,” James says. “I had actually driven a segway because that a promo because that ‘King that Queens,’ and I thought it was the funniest (vehicle) i had ever before seen.”

That was the kernel he and co-writers Nick Bakay and also Steve Pink increased on while composing what James and also Carr speak to “a ‘Die Hard’ in a mall.”

“I liked the concept,” states Carr, that took benefit of his music video clip experience come implement slick camera work. “There room a many of action movies through very small comedy. The (used come be) a combination of the two. I thought this would certainly be an chance to do the type of movie I prospered up watching.”

From what we could glean, the film is collection in new Jersey on black color Friday (the day after Thanksgiving and also the busiest shopping work of the year). James stars as a Jersey State Trooper refuse who bring away his shopping mall job way too serious – specifically when uber-athletic robbers invade it and hold his daughter (Raini Rodriguez) hostage in the mall’s bank.

“Ugly Betty’s” Jayma Mays co-stars together Paul Blart’s love interest, the owner that a hair-extensions kiosk called Un-be-weavable. She attract rotating wigs and also tells us, “you don’t know what my real hair color is for a while.” between shots, Mays lounges in slippers, sipping iced coffee and praising the canolli in Boston’s phibìc End. Her favorite scene?

“There’s a component where Kevin’s personality comes and picks me up on a segway, and we drive tandem on it, floating through the mall,” she grins. “It take away me earlier to all these romantic comedies that ns loved.”

As Mays, trailed by the crew, heads ago into the bank, a segway rolfes in front of Macys. James is quiet on set, watching. Follow to co-stars, the hangs roughly even when he’s no being filmed.


“It’s type of choose being a warm shot, i guess,” says Australian skater/radio personality Jason Ellis, accepting a party from a member that the crew. “I perform a radio display as well, therefore they put the radio present upstairs in the mall. And also they lug me below from time to time to show my average face and skate after someone or smash something.”

With his shave head and also plastering that tattoos, Ellis looks as difficult as castle come, particularly while dragging Blart’s daughter right into the bank. Yet off-camera he chugs water, mirrors off photos of his kids, and insists the his year-old radio display – a few fans of i m sorry have adhered to him to Burlington native Albany – will certainly make that the following Howard Stern.

Natascha Hopkins, the gymnast/actress that brushed increase her cost-free running an abilities to pat Vixen, is the only female member that the criminal crew. Hopkins has appeared on “Heroes” and in several other films, yet this is her an initial major role. As she displayed a collection of awe- motivating flips, mall workers holding increase samples of confront cream gape.

Her partner, Victor Lopez, started out together a stunt male and, ~ practicing Parkour, ended up complimentary running for Madonna and impressing the “Mall Cop” casting crew. That insists the Parkour is just ten percent airborne. “It’s about moving with your environment with style. Why walk down stairs as soon as you can jump end them?” BMX-er Mike Escamilla, who had a function in XXX (“I played an uncool version of myself, i beg your pardon is not cool”) admits to filling up on mall food, buying stacks that DVDs when he’s not filming, and also hating alcohol. He, too, orders road Warriors (i.e. Shirley Temples).

Finally yes sir champion skateboarder and also musician (in the band change Mother) Mike Vallely, who plays the criminal ringleader, Rudolph.

“They had to discover the most bad-ass skateboarders ~ above the planet,” claims Vallely, a voracious reader and father of two who attract his blond hair long and also scraggly. “I to be at the optimal of the list.”

Vallely has the biggest activity sequence of the bunch, battling James transparent the mall. In what he defines as an without doubt riveting climax, Rudolph will leap indigenous floor come floor together he chases Paul Blart. Then, in a never-before-done skating move, he’ll jump on – and break into – a moving elevator.

“It’s a whole brand-new challenge,” Vallely says. “I’m not simply skateboarding.

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I play a character the is rather integral. This is the very first time ns feel, as athletes, we’ve really been bring away in.”