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Tybee Island"s beach, pier, and also pavilion, as checked out in 2010"s "The critical Song", certification Miley Cyrus and also Liam Hemsworth.


Tybee Pier and Pavilion1401 StrandTybee Island, GA


"The critical Song", the 2010 romantic tearjerker starring previous sweethearts Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, was filmed generally on Tybee Island near Savannah, GA. Tybee is about half an hour exterior of Savannah, available by car, and its beach and also pier to be featured prominently in the film.


Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) arrives for the summer to stay at the beach with her estranged dad (Greg Kinnear) and also her small brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman). She is reluctant to provide the location a chance, but she ultimately meets and falls in love v Will (Liam Hemsworth). Many of the romantic scenes in between Ronnie and Will take ar on Tybee Beach, close to the area wherein you"d discover the residence that was standing in for Ronnie"s.




Down the beach a little bit you"ll discover the Tybee Pier and Pavilion. There"s a fishing pier and a pavilion (which is available to rent), both of i m sorry were provided in the film. The bonfire Ronnie attends through Blaze (Carly Chaikin) takes location underneath the pier.

In front of the pier and also pavilion room the beach volleyball courts, whereby Ronnie watches will certainly play volleyball.

Remember the loggerhead sea turtles the Ronnie discovers outside her residence on the beach? She goes to good lengths to defend them till they finally hatch. She, Will, and Jonah gleefully clock the infant turtles do their way to the ocean, just prior to Ronnie"s dad collapses ~ above the beach.

All of that turtle stuff is legit, guys. When I remained in Savannah I even saw a news story about the turtles. As soon as you overcome the bridge from Savannah right into Tybee, there room Turtle cross signs... For this reason that"s your an initial hint that some turtle ingredient is walking down.

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Then, top top the beach, over there are little areas surrounding by tape wherein turtles room waiting come hatch. It was cool to see that these small turtle trips really happen and also weren"t just made up for the movie. Additionally turtles room really cute and also make me happy. The beach area and the pier/pavilion look pretty lot the exact same as they walk in "The critical Song", so girlfriend can acquire some good photo ops, particularly on a quite day. My mom and I snapped a few:

You can likewise see the area where Ronnie"s dad"s residence was. It"s type of tucked away (and it"s personal property) therefore it"s tough to get a good photo, yet you can get the vibe:

Tybee Island"s coast is a renowned summer destination and also it would be precious checking out, particularly if you"re a fan of "The last Song"! my mom and also I had fun checking it out and also taking photos. The island is accessible from Savannah via U.S. 80.

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Written through Christina LeBlancLocation photos by Christina LeBlanc and Patti LeBlanc

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