A carrot has actually a diploid variety of 18. What is it's haploid number?
Gametes are created by the process of ___.

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Another word because that sex cabinet is ___.gamete
During which phase of meiosis do chromosomes type tetrads?prophase I
During which phase of meiosis execute sister chromatids different from each other?anaphase II
What is the diploid number of chromosomes in humans?46 (also written as 2n=46)
What is the haploid number for humans?23 (also created as n=23)
_________ chromosomes space chromosomes that have the same species of genes, but are not identical.Homologous
_________ space chromosomes that have actually the same varieties of genes, and also are identical.Sister chromatids
A(n) _____ is a segment of DNA that has the instructions for making one protein.gene
A chromosome is make of ___ DNA molecule(s)one
When two homologous chromosomes room lined up right next to each other during meiosis, they are described as a(n) ___.tetrad
When homologous chromosomes room lined up beside each other throughout meiosis, they might swap piece of DNA. This phenomenon is called ___.crossing over
When chromosomes space lined up favor this throughout meiosis, what are they referred to as?, A tetrad,
Which process from meiosis is shown below and during which stage would it occur?, The snapshot shows "crossing over" and also it normally happens during prophase I.,
When Gregor Mendel crossed true-breeding high plants v true-breeding short plants, the offspring were ___.all tall
If the offspring indigenous a true-breeding tall plant and also a true-breeding brief plant are allowed to self-pollinate, castle will develop offspring in the F2 generation that room ___.about 75% tall and also 25% quick (Remember, that asked around the F2 generation. The true-breeding parents would certainly be the ns generation. Your offspring that were permitted to self-pollinate to be the F1 generation. The offspring that resulted from the self-pollination were the F2 generation)
Plants v the ___ form of a properties are always true-breeding.recessive
Plants v the ____ kind of a trait have the right to be true-breeding while various other plants through that trait could not it is in true-breeding.dominant
When alleles ___ from every other, castle separate.segregate
Different creates of the exact same gene are dubbed _____.alleles
The species of alleles that an organism inherits is known as the ______.genotype (example = Bb)
The physical expression of 2 alleles is known as the organism's _____.phenotype
If B = brown eyes and b = blue eyes, what will be the shade of her eyes if your genotype is BB?Brown eyes
If B = brown eyes and also b = blue eyes, what will certainly be the shade of your eyes if her genotype is Bb?Brown eyes (remember the B is dominant)
If B = brown eyes and b = blue eyes, what will be the color of your eyes if your genotype is bb?blue eyes
If B = brown eyes and also b = blue eyes, what would the organism's genotype be if the organism to be heterozygous?Bb (remember that 'hetero' way 'mixed')
If B = brown eyes and b = blue eyes, what would the organism's genotype be if the organism is homozygous dominant?BB (remember that 'homo' means 'same')
If B = brown eyes and b = blue eyes, what would certainly the organism's genotype be if the biology is homozygous recessive?bb (remember the 'homo' way 'same')
Another word because that heterozygous is ____.hybrid
Another word for homozygous is ____.purebred
Another word because that purebred is ____.homozygous,
Another word because that hybrid is ____.heterozygous,
The procedure of making proteins inside cells is dubbed ______.protein synthesis
Inside which organelle is DNA located?nucleus (Remember, prokaryotes don't have actually a nucleus, so your DNA is located out in the cytosol/cytoplasm)
On which organelle room proteins made?ribosomes (This is true the both prokaryotes and also eukaryotes. Prokaryotes ribosomes are a small bit smaller, yet otherwise very similar to the eukaryotic ribosome),
The process of making a strand the m-RNA in the nucleus is dubbed _____.transcription
Which nucleotide execute you find in RNA yet not DNA?, uracil
Uracil bonds to _____ at the nitrogenous base.adenine
The process of utilizing the password on RNA to do a long chain that amino acids in the correct order to kind a protein is referred to as _____.translation
Which type of molecule bring amino acids to the website of protein synthesis?transfer RNA (t-RNA)
Which molecule attaches to a ribosome and also serves together a password for putting amino acids together?messenger RNA (m-RNA)
How plenty of nucleotides are required to password for 1 amino acid?, 3
How countless different types of amino mountain are offered to make proteins?20
Each collection of 3 nucleotides on a strand of m-RNA is dubbed a(n) _____., codon
How countless nucleotides are uncovered at the bottom that a molecule that t-RNA and also are connected with bonding come m-RNA?3 (The component labeled B in the chart below),
How many amino mountain are found attached to a molecule that t-RNA?1,
A adjust in the sequence of nucleotides in a molecule that DNA is referred to as a(n) ____., mutation
Mutations that are harmful space usually weeded out by ______.natural selection
Mutations in a gene that are valuable usually become component of the gene pool as a new ____.allele (a different form of a gene)
Which enzyme is forced for transcription?RNA Polymerase (remember, you are making RNA during transcription)
Genes save instructions for assembling ___.proteins
Proteins space made the end of ____.amino acids
The photo below is dubbed the ____., genetic code (All organisms, from prokaryotes bacteria all the way up come humans, use this same genetic code),
What is the surname of the organelle that deserve to modify protein after they have actually been made in the unstable ER?golgi
A mutation that entails one or a few nucleotides is referred to as a(n) ____ mutationpoint
A kind of allude mutation that reasons a adjust in every amino acid following the mutation is referred to as a(n) ____ mutation.frameshift
A point mutation will cause the cabinet to make an incomplete protein if the mutation results in very early ____ codon.stop
A snapshot of all 46 chromosomes combine in homologous bag is referred to as a(n) _____.karyotype,
The failure of chromosomes to different properly during meiosis is dubbed ___ .nondisjunction,
The kind of mutation shown below is a(n) _____., chromosomal deletion,
The type of mutation shown below is a(n) _____., chromosomal duplication,
The type of mutation shown listed below is a(n) _____., chromosomal inversion,
The type of mutation shown below is a(n) _____., chromosomal translocation,
A snapshot like the one below is dubbed a(n) ____., karyotype,
What would certainly be the sex of the person who owns these chromosomes?, male (notice the X and the Y chromosome in ~ the last pair),
A point mutation that changes a nucleotide in a codon, yet doesn't readjust the result amino acid is called a ____ mutation.Silent mutation (Silent mutations are practically always resulted in by a base-pair substitution that reasons the 3rd nucleotide in a codon to change. Together you deserve to see in the hereditary code graph below, transforming the 3rd base regularly times walk not readjust the amino mountain that is called for.),
A point mutation the ends up causing a prevent codon to be read earlier than common so the the result protein is smaller sized than it have to be is referred to as a(n) ____ mutation.Nonsense mutation (because the protein will be non-functional and its framework will do no sense)
The kind of inheritance wherein neither allele is dominant and also they have tendency to create a mix the the 2 traits such together blue + white = irradiate blue would be _____.incomplete dominance
The type of inheritance where both alleles room dominant, such as red fur + white hair = red and white fur hairs in roan cattle is recognized as ____.codominance
The type of inheritance wherein there is an ext than 2 alleles because that a single trait, such as A, B, and also O alleles for blood type, is known as ____.multiple alleles
Genes that are located on the 23rd pair of chromosomes (but only on the X, no the Y chromosome) are well-known as ____ genes.sex-linked
If you have actually an X and also a Y chromosome, what is your gender?male
If you have two X chromosomes, what is her gender?female
A trait, like human skin color, that involves several various genes is dubbed a(n) _____ trait.polygenic trait (remember, "poly" means many and also "genic" refers to genes)
The complying with diagram is an instance of a(n) ___., pedigree,
Different creates of the same gene are called _____.alleles
A dihybrid cross between 2 people that space heterozygous because that two separately assorting characterisitics (such as seed color and also seed shape), to produce the classic ________ ratio.9:3:3:1 ratio,
The monomers the DNA room ____.nucleotides,
How numerous different types of nucleotides are found in a molecule that DNA?, four
In DNA, i beg your pardon nucleotide constantly bonds to adenin (A) throughout the center where the nitrogenous bases meet?thymine (T)
How many chromosomes do person sex cell have?23 total (1 of every type)
A segment of DNA that holds the password for a particular protein or trait is dubbed a ____.

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The process of do a copy the a strand that DNA is referred to as ___.DNA replication
Which enzyme adds nucleotides come the political parties of the unzipped DNA molecule during DNA replication?DNA polymerase