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In geometry, formal definitions are formed using other characterized words or terms. Over there are, however, 3 words in geometry that space not formally defined. This words room point, line and plane, and also are referred to as the "three undefined regards to geometry".

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While this words are "undefined" in the officially sense, we have the right to still "describe" these words. The descriptions, stated below, refer to these indigenous in relationship to geometry.

POINT • a suggest indicates a ar (or position) in space. • a allude has no measurement (actual size). • a allude has no length, no width, and no height (thickness). • a point is usually called with a capital letter. • in the name: coordinates plane, a suggest is named by an ordered pair, (x,y). when we represent a allude with a dot, the dot deserve to be really tiny or an extremely large. Remember, a point has no size.
The size of the dot attracted to represent a suggest makes no difference. Points have no size. They just represent a location.
LINE (straight line) • a line has actually no thickness. • a line"s length extends in one dimension. • a line goes ~ above forever in both directions. • a line has actually infinite length, zero width, and also zero height. • a heat is assumed to it is in straight. • a line is drawn with arrow head on both ends. • a heat is called by a single lowercase script letter, or by any two (or more) points i m sorry lie top top the line.
Lines have the right to be labeled with a solitary script letter, or by 2 points ~ above the line,
. The thickness of a line provides no difference.

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PLANE • a airplane has two dimensions. • a plane forms a flat surface prolonging indefinitely in all directions. • a aircraft has boundless length, limitless width and also zero elevation (thickness). • a aircraft is attracted as a four-sided figure resembling a tabletop or a parallelogram. • a airplane is named by a single letter (plane m) or by three coplanar, however non-collinear,* points (plane ABC).
plane m or airplane ABC. When the chart of a airplane has edges, you must remember that the aircraft actually has no boundaries.
* collinear points are points the lie ~ above the very same straight line. Coplanar points room points the line in the same plane.

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