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Add come that, procedures for ensuring consumer taste just the freshest feasible product, and also some an extremely clever marketing, and also the Ferrero story started to unfold.

Product Features

*At the love of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates is a entirety roasted hazelnut and creamy.*chocolate filling within a light crispy wafer, covering in milk chocolate and also chopped hazelnuts.Important Information

IndicationsIt is a totality roasted hazelnut and creamy chocolate.DirectionsPlease store in a cool, dried place.Product Description

Product DescriptionINDICATIONS:At the love of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates is a entirety roasted hazelnut and also creamy cacao filling within a irradiate crispy wafer, covering in milk chocolate and also chopped hazelnuts.The very first of the Ferrero commodities was Pasta Gianduja, a chocolate-hazelnut spread that, re-named Nutella®, was destined to come to be the #1 selling sweet spread in the world. Due to the fact that that an initial successful venture, Ferrero has gone on come introduce countless of the most commemorated confectionery brands in the world.

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Although Pietro Ferrero and his brothers Giovanni had actually laid the groundwork for future firm success, once both died in the beforehand 1950’s, it dropped to Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, to proceed the pursuit of their vision, as Ferrero expanded across Europe and then abroad.

Ferrero an initial moved beyond Italy in 1956, creating both production facilities and offices in Germany. This was adhered to by new facilities in France in 1958.

In the late 60’s and also early 70’s, Michele Ferrero began a strong brand-new phase the international development with sales offices and also production facilities outside Europe. Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. To be first, then come Ferrero Canada, Ferrero Australia, Ferrero Ecuador, Ferrero Brazil, Ferrero Japan, and also Ferrero Inc. In Puerto Rico.

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More recently, offices have been opened in Hungary, Poland and also in the Czech Republic.


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