If you’re taking chemistry, you’ll certainly need to know the 7 solid acids.

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read this guide to discover what the 7 solid acids are, why lock important, and why they’re no necessarily the many dangerous mountain you’ll be working v in the lab.

What Is a strong Acid?

When an mountain is labelled together a strong acid, that actually has actually nothing to execute with how an effective or corrosive that is. The “strength” of one acid merely refers come its capability to release hydrogen ions right into a solution. strong acids room acids that totally dissociate into their ions in water. This means that, in a solution, every one of their molecules break up. Strong acids yield at least one hydrogen cation (H+) per molecule. Weak acids, top top the other hand, will certainly dissociate less than 1%, which way very few of their molecules will certainly break approximately release a hydrogen ion.

Why is this important? It has to do with chemical reactions. Right here is the ionization reaction that the solid acid, hydrochloric acid:

HCl → H+ + Cl-

Notice how there is a hydrogen ion in the product. Every one of the reactant (HCl) has been ionized throughout the reaction. Also notice that the reaction just proceeds in one direction. as soon as the solid acid has actually been ionized, the reaction stops and is no reversible.

Here is the reaction of ethanoic acid, a weak acid:

CH3COOH + H2O ⇆ H3O+ + CH3COO-

Notice right here that the reaction arrow points in both directions. This means that the reaction proceeds in both directions, which isn’t the situation for solid acids. Weak acids only slightly disassociate, and also their hydrogen ions will continue to move between being component of the weak acid and part of the water. This reaction is reversible and will turning back itself plenty of times, reforming the acid.

In the next section, us list every 7 strong acids, and also we encourage you come memorize them. However, if friend forget if an acid is strong or weak, girlfriend can also look in ~ its equilibrium constant/acid dissociation consistent (Ka). strong acids will have large values for Ka, if weak mountain will have very little values for Ka.


List of strong Acids

There are just 7 solid acids; all other acids are weak. They are provided below by name and also chemical composition.

Acid Name

Chemical Composition

Chloric acid


Hydrobromic acid


Hydrochloric acid


Hydroiodic acid


Nitric acid


Perchloric acid


Sulfuric acid


Strong mountain vs focused Acids

It’s vital to realize that strong/weak acids space not the very same as concentrated/diluted acids. These terms are typically misused and incorrectly substituted because that each other! The concentration of an acid refers to exactly how much water or solvent is in it. A focused acid has actually a small amount of water, when a diluted acid has actually a large amount of water in it. You can have a strong acid that is diluted and a weak acid that is concentrated.

There’s no traditional concentration the determines even if it is a substance is focused or diluted, but, in general, focused acids will have actually a pH around 3, when diluted mountain will have actually a pH closer to 7.

Strong mountain vs Corrosive Acids

Just due to the fact that an acid is strong doesn’t mean that the corrosive. Corrosiveness advert to just how much a substance loss a surface ar it touches. Living tissue (such as skin, eyes, etc.) is often used together a reference point since civilization want to know any potential threats of building material they’re functioning with.

Some chemicals room so corrosive they deserve to eat far flesh and also bone, but, again, the stamin of an acid isn’t related to exactly how corrosive that is. The 2 terms measure up different, unrelated things. Some strong acids are really corrosive, such together hydrochloric mountain (which have the right to eat with stainless steel) and also sulfuric mountain (which is typically used together a drainpipe cleaner). However, weak acids can also be extremely corrosive, such together hydrofluoric acid, which have the right to decalcify bone.

When corrosive acids room diluted, castle will often have less of a corrosive effect because of their low concentration. In this case, they might only act as an irritant and also cause milder reactions such as itchy or red skin.

Acids, oxiders, and bases can all be corrosive. The word “caustic” is sometimes used as a synonym for corrosive, yet it can only refer to strong bases, not any type of acids.


Summary: list of solid Acids

There are 7 solid acids: chloric acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydroiodic acid, nitric acid, perchloric acid, and sulfuric acid. Being part of the perform of solid acids no give any type of indication of just how dangerous or damaging an acid is though. The strong acids and bases are just those that completely dissociate in water.

Weak mountain (which space all various other acids) dissociate only a little amount. An acid"s corrosiveness is a measure of how damaging the is to surfaces such as metal or skin. One acid can be strong but reasonably safe to handle if it has a low corrosivity, yet weak acids can additionally be extremely corrosive and really dangerous to work-related with if appropriate safety precautions no taken.

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