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In the shell atomic model, electron occupy various energy levels, or shells. The K and also L shells are displayed for a neon atom.

Screened native the cell core by intervening electrons, the outer (valence) electrons of the atom of the more heavier noble gases are held less firmly and can be gotten rid of (ionized) an ext easily native the atom than have the right to the electrons of the lighter noble gases. The energy required for the remove of one electron is dubbed the an initial ionization energy. In 1962, while functioning at the college of british Columbia, brother chemist Neil Bartlett discovered that platinum hexafluoride would eliminate an electron from (oxidize) molecular oxygen to kind the salt . The very first ionization energy of xenon is an extremely close to the of oxygen; therefore Bartlett believed that a salt the xenon might be formed similarly. In the exact same year, Bartlett developed that the is indeed possible to remove electrons indigenous xenon by chemistry means. He showed that the communication of PtF6 vapour in the existence of xenon gas in ~ room temperature developed a yellow-orange solid link then formulated as . (This link is now known to be a mixture the , , and also PtF5.) soon after the initial report of this discovery, two various other teams that chemists separately prepared and subsequently reported fluorides the xenon—namely, XeF2 and also XeF4. These success were soon followed by the preparation of various other xenon compounds and of the fluorides that radon (1962) and also krypton (1963).

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In 2006, scientists at the share Institute for Nuclear study in Dubna, Russia, announced that oganesson, the next noble gas, had been make in 2002 and also 2005 in a cyclotron. (Most elements with atom numbers higher than 92—i.e., the transuranium elements—have to be made in fragment accelerators.) No physical or chemical properties that oganesson can be straight determined due to the fact that only a few atoms that oganesson have been produced.