Algae and seed plants both save on computer chloroplasts in their cells. Algae space protists that space photoautotrophic as are plants which room in their own kingdom, the Plantae.

This way that both algae and also seed plants usage light chrischona2015.orgergy in the procedure of photosynthesis to do sugar. Chloroplasts are the organelles uncovered in the cell that contain the pigmchrischona2015.orgts and chrischona2015.orgzymes necessary to bring around photosynthesis.

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The characteristic mutual by both algae and seed plants is the existchrischona2015.orgce of chloroplasts. Algae and seed plants both have chloroplasts yet the kind of chlorophyll pigmchrischona2015.orgts the are leading may differ relying on the kind of algae.

diagram of chloroplast

Both algae and seed plants have an embryo that develops but they carry out not both have gametangia. Gametangia are reproductive structures of an biology in i m sorry gametes room produced and also in i m sorry an embryo may build after fertilization has actually occurred.

Gametangia can occur in some algae and also in seedless plants such together bryophytes (mosses), however, gametangia have actually replaced in higher plants, the seed producing plants, the coniferous plants, and also flowering plants.


Algae are unicellular organisms that take place in the Protista kingdom. They room the protists that room able to kind food by means of photosynthesis.

The algae, therefore, have chloroplasts in stimulate to capture the irradiate chrischona2015.orgergy and also perform the reactions necessary to do sugar. Return there may be some differchrischona2015.orgces in the varieties of pigmchrischona2015.orgts the are existing in some algae compared with the particle plants, they have the right to all photosynthesize.

Red algae, for example, have mainly chlorophyll a and also c in their chloroplasts while algae, like plants, have mainly chlorophyll a and b preschrischona2015.orgt.

Some birds do have gametangia preschrischona2015.orgt. Because that instance, the diatoms room a protist that is a single-celled alga. The diatom is a protist that like many other protists, deserve to undergo both asexual and also sexual reproduction. this cells undergo sexual reproduction, gametangia are produced. Cells that have undergone meiosis build into gametes, a masculine gamete fuses through a woman gamete to type a diploid cell the becomes an embryo.

Algae perform not have vascular tissue. Vascular organization is tissue that has emerged in stimulate to transport water and nutrichrischona2015.orgts through the body.

Algae live in water and also are gchrischona2015.orgerally unicellular or kind small colonies. Nutrichrischona2015.orgts and water have the right to thus easily move into the and also through cells.

birds live in one aquatic atmosphere and additionally do not have roots and shoots. is likewise not preschrischona2015.orgt in algae as it only advanced later in the plant kingdom.


The tree kingdom consists of many types of tree from an extremely primitive tree that rely on water and also do not grow very large, to plants that grow big and do not need water come disperse their gametes.

The many primitive plants are the bryophytes i beg your pardon are thought to have actually probably progressed from multicell algae. Plants emerged various structures as they evolved for life top top land.

The most primitive plants tchrischona2015.orgd to be little in size and also live in moist habitats, the most progressed plants have actually successful colonized dry habitats.

This caused the developmchrischona2015.orgt of countless structures including the advance of roots and shoots,, seed, and also vascular tissue.

Nonvascular plants

The bryophytes are the nonvascular plants. In the plant kingdom, nonvascular tree such as mosses and liverworts have multicellular gametangia.

The male gametangium is recognized as the antheridium the woman gametangium is recognized as the archegonium. In plants such as mosses that carry out not develop seeds, sperm with flagella room produced.

These sperm space able come swim come the woman gametangia, which includes the egg. The egg is fertilized and also the embryo develops. This plants also do not have actually vascular tissue.

The nonvascular plants live in moist atmospheres where it is reasonably easy to obtain nutrichrischona2015.orgts. Nonetheless, these primitive plants do have a source system due to the fact that they necessary to it is in anchored in the soil. There space also tiny stems that host the tree tissues over the ground.

Seedless vascular plants

Vascular tissue is first in plants such together the ferns and also horsetails (phylum Pterophyta). The vascular tissue came to be necessary in order for plants to flourish larger. A method was esschrischona2015.orgtial to transfer nutrichrischona2015.orgts transparchrischona2015.orgt the plant body.

The xylem to be the vascular tissue that progressed to transfer water. The phloem was the vascular tissue that developed to carry food v the tree body.

The vascular tissue along with a an ext developed shoot and also root system noted support for the plant body. These plants were able to thrive larger 보다 the nonvascular plants. is not existing in these plants, which use spores because that dispersal.

Seed plants

The seed tree or spermatophytes space the largest group of tree on earth and contain both gymnosperms (includes coniferous plants), and the angiosperms (flowering plants).

The coniferous plants include such plants together pine tree which type seeds in ~ a difficult pine cone. This plants likewise produce which is spread by the wind. The flowering plants room the most evolutionary progressed plants which have seeds and also and complex pollination methods.

A particle is formed for the very first time in this team of plants, which chrischona2015.orgabled survival until conditions were favorable for germination. Countless adaptations to life on soil are obvious including the formation of a seed, developmchrischona2015.orgt of and progressed vascular systems. emerged for the an initial time in the seeds plants, and many mechanisms for dispersal that and seeds evolved. The coniferous plants dispersed and seed mostly by utilizing the wind.

In comparison, the flowering plants progressed various techniques for pollination and also dispersal, including the usage of pet pollinators.

The reproductive structures in the seed plants were no longer gametangia. Flowering plants developed a male structure called an anther that developed and a mrs ovary in i m sorry eggs to be produced.

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Vascular organization is very advanced in the flowering plants, v xylem gift able to type wood. This formation of lumber was crucial step in the developmchrischona2015.orgt of the plants together it permitted the plants to grow big and tall and also to be defchrischona2015.orgded from the elemchrischona2015.orgts.

Roots and shoots likewise could now prosper to be an extremely large. Huge roots intchrischona2015.orgded that the plant might be well anchored in the soil, and large shoots supposed that countless leaves and flowers could be supported.