Ingested food is chewed, swallowed, and passes through the esophagus right into the stomach where it is damaged down into a liquid referred to as chyme. Chyme overcome from the stomach right into the duodenum. Over there it mixes through bile and also pancreatic juices that further breakdown nutrients. Finger-like projections dubbed villi line the interior wall of the little intestine and also absorb most of the nutrients. The remaining chyme and also water happen to the large intestine, i m sorry completes absorption and eliminates waste.

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Large Intestine

The large intestine compacts liquid waste into solid waste.


Villi that line the walls of the small intestine absorb nutrients right into capillaries that the circulatory system and lacteals the the lymphatic system. Villi save capillary beds, as well as lymphatic vessels called lacteals. Fat acids took in from broken-down chyme pass right into the lacteals. Other absorbed nutrients get in the bloodstream v the capillary beds and are taken straight to the liver, via the hepatic vein, because that processing.

2. The large Intestine Completes Absorption and also Compacts Waste


Chyme overcome from the little intestine v the ileocecal valve and into the cecum the the huge intestine. Any remaining nutrients and some water are soaked up as peristaltic waves move the chyme right into the ascending and also transverse colons. This dehydration, an unified with peristaltic waves, help compact the chyme. The solid waste formed is dubbed feces. It proceeds to relocate through the descending and sigmoid colons. The big intestine temporarily stores the feces before elimination.

3. Defecation Eliminates Waste from the Body


The human body expels waste products from digestion with the rectum and also anus. This process, called defecation, requires contraction that rectal muscles, be safe of the inner anal sphincter, and also an initial contraction of the bones muscle of the external anal sphincter. The defecation reflex is greatly involuntary, under the command the the autonomic concerned system. But the somatic nervous system also plays a role to regulate the time of elimination.

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