A modifier describes or qualifies another component of a sentence. A dangling modifier occurs when the intended subject of the comprehensive is lacking from the sentence, and instead another subject shows up in that is place.

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Dangling modifiers regularly take the kind of one introductory phrase that is connected to the wrong thing.

Fumbling in she purse, the keys can not it is in found.Fumbling in her purse, she can not uncover the keys.As she fumbled in her purse, the keys might not be found.

Recognizing dangling modifiers

In a exactly sentence, the topic (or doer) the is modification should immediately follow the comma after the modifier. In the example below, the introductory expression modifies Jane, the topic of the main clause.

When a sentence walk not plainly state the topic being modified, the introductory expression becomes a dangling modifier. Regularly this error is a result of a key clause composed in the passive voice.

In this sentence, the plan target that the modifier, Jane, is missing. Due to the fact that a automobile accident shows up where the subject should be, the sentence now suggests that a car accident was driving to work. This is an example of just how dangling modifiers can an outcome in nonsensical sentences.

How to deal with a dangling modifier

There space two basic ways to resolve a dangling modifier.

Method 1: revise the main clause

One an approach of addressing a dangling comprehensive is to leave the modifier as it is and rewrite the main clause so the it begins with the subject being modified.

Having hurt his leading hand, it was an overwhelming to compose the exam.Having injured his leading hand, John had an obstacle writing the exam.

In the example above, the first sentence stops working to clarify whose hand was injured – the does no state the topic of the introductory modifier phrase. In the repair sentence, the subject, John, shows up immediately after the modifier phrase.

Hungry after ~ two hrs of hiking, my packed sandwich was quickly devoured upon reaching the peak.Hungry ~ two hours of hiking, I quickly devoured my pack sandwich upon getting to the peak.
Smiling native ear come ear, the candles space blown out, and also the novel concludes happily.Smiling indigenous ear come ear, the heroine blows the end the candles, and the novel concludes happily.
To end up being a practicing dentist, countless teeth need to be cleaned, filled, and also filed.To become a practicing dentist, you have to clean, fill, and document many teeth.

Method 2: review the comprehensive phrase

Another method of solving a dangling modifier is to incorporate the subject in the introductory phrase, leaving the main clause together it is.

Having injured his leading hand, the was an overwhelming to create the exam.Because John had injured his dominant hand, it was an overwhelming to write the exam.

In the repair sentence, the dangling modifier is replaced with a complete clause that plainly states the subject who is law the action.

While driving come work, a vehicle accident caused a website traffic jam top top the highway.While Jane to be driving come work, a car accident resulted in a web traffic jam on the highway.
Requiring an ext data for the study, questionnaires were gathered from an additional 200 people.Because us required an ext data because that the study, questionnaires were collected from secondary 200 people.
Taken down to the cellar, the darkness obscured the details of the room.

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As he was taken down to the cellar, the darkness obscured the details the the room.


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