Approximately 10-12% of the world’s populace are left handed. While numerous left-handed innovations have helped this team in society over the years, there room some activities which merely must it is in performed through the appropriate hand, no matter one’s hand the dominance. The sport of polo is among these pursuits.

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Left Handed Polo Playing

Left-handed polo play was at first banned earlier in the mid-1930s, due to safety reasons. Through players often riding head-on in the direction of each other in pursuit of the ball, if a right-handed player to be to technique a left-handed player, in ~ the dizzying speeds often reached within the sport, a attention head-on collision would certainly be a genuine risk. Therefore the use of the left hand to play the sport was banned, because that the safety and security of both the rider and also the horse. Using the best hand only allowed polo to monitor the values of steering a car on a two-way road, with everyone maintaining to the exact same side, and the threat of collisions vastly reduced.

These constraints were serene following human being War Two; for nearly three years left-handed play was permitted, as result of the scarcity the polo players of any type of handedness. For polo to survive the sport needed all the players it could get, for this reason left-handed riders were permitted, once more, come play through their leading arm.

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Right Handed Polo Is Safer

However, in 1974 the United states Polo association (USPA), the main governing human body of the sport of polo in the unified States, reinstated the ban. Right now the variety of polo players had risen, enabling

the sport to concentrate on the security of those affiliated once more, reverting to the right-hand only system. In your rulebook this particular day the USPA state: ‘All football player shall play with the mallet with their appropriate hand, v the exemption of left-handers registered through the USPA before January 1, 1974.’

The Hurlingham Polo combination (HPA), the governing body because that polo in the UK, Ireland and many other countries throughout the world, additionally include this regulation in your rulebook. They state: ‘The ideal hand only is to be used to hold the stick to hit the ball or hook another player’s stick.’

Being Left Handed Wont avoid You being A an excellent Polo Player

Although this ban does not exclude left-handed players altogether. When playing through the ‘wrong’ hand, as it were, for countless left-handed world must be challenging, t

here room a variety of those that write through their left but are still able to play polo, rather successfully, utilizing their right. Prince william is perhaps the many royal left-handed polo player, apparently identified to attain in the game so as not to be outdone by his younger, right-handed, brother. And also Brazil-born left-handed professional player Rafael Villela Rosa to be on the security Polo Club’s win team at the Guards global Sao Paulo Polo Trophy in 2014.


So it could be a tiny more an overwhelming for a left-hander come excel at polo, however it certainly isn’t impossible!

Whether you space a lefty or not, you have the right to come along to Dallas Burston and also experience the video game of polo together either a spectator, or far better still, have a lesson! we look forward to welcome you soon!