The ideal Life

From the outset the the novel the is clear the Tolstoy believes there room two species of lives: the synthetic life—represented by Ivan, Praskovya, Peter, and most anyone in Ivan"s culture and company—and the yes, really life stood for by Gerasim. The synthetic life is marked by shallow relationships, self-interest, and also materialism. It is insular, unfulfilling, and also ultimately i can not qualify of providing answers to the vital questions in life. The synthetic life is a deception the hides life"s true definition and leaves one terrified and also alone in ~ the moment of death. The yes, really life, top top the various other hand, is marked by pity and also compassion. That sees others no as way to ends, yet as individual us with distinctive thoughts, feelings, and also desires. The authentic life cultivates mutually affirming person relationships that malfunction isolation and permit for true interpersonal contact. Vice versa, the man-made life pipeline one alone and empty, the really life fosters toughness through solidarity and also comfort with empathy. It creates bonds and also prepares one to meet death.

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Gerasim alone is unafraid the death. I was sure in the correctness of his life and unafraid of personal involvement, Gerasim has a self-sacrificing love because that others the infuses his life with meaning. The spiritual assistance that Gerasim offers to Ivan by empathizing with his plight and also relieving his isolation is even much more important than the physical assistance Gerasim provides by holding Ivan"s legs. Gerasim is able come lessen Ivan"s ache by share in it. The virtue that the authentic life is that at the same time Gerasim is help Ivan, that is additionally benefiting indigenous the relationship. Compassion and love walk both ways, and the yes, really life is the best life.

The Inevitability the Death

The story that Ivan"s steady method toward fatality is likewise the story that Ivan"s recognition of death and also his find for a compromise v its dreadful and nullifying power. How is one come make feeling of the end of one"s life, the one"s relationships, projects, and also dreams, of one"s an extremely existence? transparent the novel, Tolstoy makes clear that preparation for death begins with a suitable attitude towards life. As Ivan"s attitude toward life changes, triggered by pain and also the prospect of death, his emotions progress from thin terror come utter joy. The avoidance of death that characterizes Ivan"s social milieu is based on a illusion designed to protect human being from unpleasant realities. The leads just to emptiness, horror, and dissatisfaction. An accept of death, however, and recognition that the true unpredictable nature of life enables for confidence, peace, and also even delight at the moment of death. More than noþeles else, then, the novel can be viewed as a great on making feeling of death through life rightly.

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Inner life vs. Outer life

Much favor the artificial/authentic dichotomy, Tolstoy depicts person existence together a conflict between the inner and the outer, the spiritual life and also the physical life. Up until Chapter IX, Ivan is a purely physical being. He mirrors no indication of any type of spiritual life whatsoever. He resides for the benefit of his own flesh and relates v others just insofar as they encourage his desires. Worst of all, Ivan mistake his physical life because that his true spiritual life. The believes that his visibility is the "right" existence, and also he refuses to see the error of his life. As a result of denying the spiritual, Ivan is i can not qualify of transcending the physical. He experiences excruciating pain, overwhelming unhappiness, and absolute terror. Yet as soon as the possibility of his death forces Ivan to confront his isolation, that gradually starts to check out the prestige of the spiritual life. Together he grows toward understanding, together he supplants the physical through the spiritual, the moves past suffering, conquers death, and experiences extreme joy. Tolstoy"s message is clear: the task of each individual is to acknowledge the duality that the self and also to live so as the less vital physical life conforms to the more important spirituality life.

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