Brad Pitt has actually revealed the he agreed come voice the personality Metro guy in the movie Megamind in bespeak to game his children.

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Speaking come The AP at the film"s Parisian premiere, the gibbs admitted the his children"s love of animated movies affected his decision to take it the role of the beleaguered superhero.

"This one is because that my boys," he said. "We watch an ext animated movies 보다 probably any family in this world."

The star added: "In fact, i couldn"t tell friend any modern movies that room going top top now. I only know the man films."

Pitt likewise suggested that he to be pleased to occupational with will certainly Ferrell on the project.

"It"s will certainly Ferrell, who"s a large hit in mine house. In fact, we want to obtain him come babysit," that joked.

Earlier this week, Pitt and partner Angelina Jolie commemorated their kid Pax"s 7th birthday with a boat trip down the river Seine.

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