There space a few instances in the movies whereby we are presented through the acronym R. A. B. Although most world who were watching the movies remained clueless as to what the letter stand for, any type of book reader instantly knew the true definition of the letters and who the movie is hinting at. So, if friend haven’t review the books you are more than likely wondering that is R. A. B.?

R. A. B. Is the initials of Sirius’ younger brother Regulus Arcturus Black. Return the movie don’t point out him lot there is rather a little bit of information presented around him in the books.

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Since the movies easily glance over him, most human being don’t understand why the was essential for the in its entirety story. If you’d like to know why Regulus is referred to as an unsung hero or you merely want to find out a few interesting things about him keep reading.

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1. Who is RAB in harry Potter?
2. What was Regulus like?
3. Which residence did Regulus belong to whilst attending Hogwarts?
4. Walk Regulus pat Quidditch?
5. Why go Regulus sign up with the Deatheaters?
6. Why weren’t Regulus and Sirius friends?
7. How did Regulus Black know the locket was a Horcrux?
8. Why Regulus no tell anyone around his plan?
9. Why did Regulus black steal the Horcrux?
10. Why go Regulus black color die?

1. Who is RAB in bother Potter?

We are an initial introduced come the secret RAB during a scene in harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows component 1. After Harry, Ron and Hermione escaped the Deatheaters in ~ Bill and Fleur’s wedding, they saw 12 Grimmauld Place.

After continuing to be the night the trio discover the house and found a door labeled RAB. At an initial glance they go not understand what the acronym stand for, however, Harry quickly concluded the letter were initials the Sirius’ younger brother’s name, Regulus Arcturus Black.

Aside indigenous that brief reference and also another quick scene, the movies nothing really point out Regulus however, in the books; Regulus is quite crucial character. Quite opposite from the movies, books actually carry out us v a the majority of information about Regulus.

He was born in 1961. To the noble residence of Black. His parents to be the pureblood English witch Walpurga and pureblood English magician Orion. His older brothers Sirius to be a an ext prominent character in both books and also movies. Other popular personalities from his family encompass his cousins Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, and Andromeda Tonks.

His family was one of the sacred 28, a team of magical households that remained truly pureblood until his time. Most of those households had strong beliefs about the blood condition of various other magical people, perceiving themselves as better in comparison to others as result of their blood status.

For most of this families, their ideas usually led lock to support Lord Voldemort. Regulus’ household was well-known as one of the most loyal servants come the Dark Lord’s cause.

Regulus, unlike his older brother, had actually a good relationship whit his parents despite not constantly agreeing with their ideology. He complied with their advice and as the perfect boy joined the Deatheaters after ~ he i graduated from Hogwarts.

This subsequently worsened his connection with Sirius. The two had a strained relationship ever because they acquired sorted into various houses in Hogwarts. Sirius gained brand-new friends and also eventually even ran far from his house to live with his Friend’s family.

Although it might seem fairly sad, Regulus’ most loyal friend was the Black family house-elf, Kreacher. Regulus always treated him v kindness and also in turn, Kreacher ended up being extremely attached and also faithful to him.

After graduating from hogwart he join the Deatheaters, lot to the pleasure of his parents, and became among the most trusted among Voldemort’s associates.

After discovering how far the Dark lord was willing to walk to attain his goals, Regulus rotate on him and decided to destroy his Horcrux to aid the bespeak in their battle against him. Unfortunately, he found it yet couldn’t escape with it. This quest caused his fatality at the young period of 18.

2. What to be Regulus like?


Regulus Black passed away while do the efforts to ruin the Horcrux the learned around from his house-elf Kreacher in 1979. The 2 apparated in front of the cavern which was hiding the Horcruxes.

The locket was defended by number of traps. The an initial one was a huge body that water bordering the little island v a stand containing the locket.

When the two gotten in the cavern Regulus offered his wand come summon the boat which would carry him and also Kreacher come the small island.

Once over there Regulus establish he had to drink the toxicity underneath which was the locket. This potion led to the person who drank the excruciating pain and also drives them come the wish to die.

We saw the potion take impact of a much stronger wizard as soon as Harry and Dumbledore checked out the cave to retrieve what they believed to it is in the real Horcrux.

Regulus also managed come drink the totality of the potion yet he was in so lot pain the he could not think directly more. Despite Kreacher’s pleas, his grasp crawled his way towards the lake to drink part water.

What Regulus go not recognize is the the lake to be filled with Inferi. Inferi is essentially dead bodies reanimated with the plot of Necromancy by an additional Dark wizard.

Dumbledore and Harry encountered them together well. They practically overpowered Harry and also the only means they managed to escape is because Dumbledore managed to muster enough strength come intervene.

Regulus was not that lucky and once the Inferi started to traction him towards the lake he might not fight back.

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Whit the tiny strength he had actually left he persuaded Kreacher come escape and to no tell anyone what has happened to him. He likewise made Kreacher promise the he will shot to damage the locket. He to be unsuccessful, however, when he learned Harry was after the rest of the Horcruxes he joined him on his search to destroy them, come ensure the fulfills his master’s dying wish.