Are you at this time taking a boat Ed or Boater Exam? are you struggling come answer some of the multiple-choice inquiries in the test? If so, climate you have the right to see the answer to the question “who is responsible for preventing a collision between two boats” below and also in bold.

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The answer to the inquiry is (a) the operator of both boats. Every human being skippering a boat is responsible for avoiding any collisions. Navigational rules state that watercraft operators should think about all dangers and also collision risks, and that could mean breaking the navigational rule if evasive action is required.

The correct answer come the question is option (a) below:

a) the operators of both boats b) the operator of the stand-on boatc) the operator of the give-way boatd) the operator the the bigger boat

However, there room some exceptions to this rule, and also you can explore those in complete by analysis my recent blog post which speak you what have to do to stop colliding with an additional boat. That guide shows girlfriend the difference between two power boats approaching each other, two sail boats on the very same path, or as soon as a motor boat is approaching a sail boat. It likewise goes into some detail on what come do when in channels. There are several rules you need to be aware of.

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I don’t advocate cheating on watercraft Ed or Boater Exams at all. If you room relying on website such as this one to answer the questions posed in the test, and aren’t doing your background learning, then you have to not be operating a boat.

However, i do recognize that periodically you just need a fast answer.

On this page I have provided you that, but additionally gone right into far more detail together I would quite you had actually as lot boating understanding as possible, so offer this extra value.

You can see wherein I have actually done that with other questions elsewhere on mine blog, and also I’ve listed a handful of those below:

Please note that I carry out not support cheating on exams.

Becoming a safe skipper and boat user is absolutely important if you are also considering acquiring out top top the water. Just like driving a automobile on the road, boats require respect and also a detailed knowledge of what the US shore Guard laws are. If friend don’t understand them and haven’t done your learning, you re welcome don’t placed your life at risk, or various other peoples.

Collisions in boats are one of the leading causes of fatalities at sea, ~ above lakes and also on rivers. Please don’t contribute to that or end up being just an additional statistic.

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And finally…

If you space taking a boat safety course and are tho undecided ~ above what type of watercraft you will be owning or operating, then let me recommend pontoon boats. This blog is the number one online resource for all things relating come pontoons, with 100s of exactly how to guides, articles, and also recommended assets to make your boating life also safer and also fun.

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