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"George Washington, as many don’t know, was not the first President the the unified States. The an initial President the the United says was one john Hanson, and he to be a black man."


A story making the ring on on facebook is daunting what american know around the first president of your country.

Liberty writers Africa, a website that publishes articles about African history and culture, ran a story April 3 with the headline: "The first American President was A Black man — no George Washington." The article’s lead graphic mirrors a sit black guy next to a $2 bill, on which one human being is circled.

"George Washington, as many don’t know, was not the very first President of the unified States," the post claims. "The very first President the the United says was one man Hanson, and also he was a black color man. Or it can be stated that he had actually African genes."

The article includes several embedded photos of the $2 bill that highlight a darker figure, purportedly Hanson. Together children, many Americans room taught the Washington was the an initial U.S. President. This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation top top its News Feed, and we looked into it. (Read an ext about our partnership with Facebook.)

No surprised here: Liberty writers Africa’s short article doesn’t inspect out. Proof from the Library of Congress reflects that Washington was the first official president of the U.S.

That’s not to speak the website completely made somebody up. There space actually two men named john Hanson who were vital to early U.S. History — but the article mixes castle up, and neither to be president. reached out come Liberty writers Africa for the source of their case through the website, yet we haven’t heard back. We’ll update this article if we do.

The case in concern had currently been debunked by various other fact-checkers, including Snopes and The former published that is fact-check way back in 2001.

But us still want to take it a closer look at the lives of both john Hansons — and number out who pictured on the ago of the $2 bill.

The white man Hanson

The first notable man Hanson we can find in American history lived from one of two people 1715  or 1721 until 1783 — official sources i dont agree on his date of birth.

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A white man from Maryland, Hanson served as a member that the continental Congress indigenous 1780-1782. He to be a signer the the write-ups of Confederation when it was ratified in 1781 by the initial 13 states. The document served as a precursor for the U.S. Constitution, which was very first drafted in 1787.


(Painting by Johan Hesselius circa 1770)

In accordance v the short articles of Confederation, Hanson was elected the chairman of the continent Congress top top Nov. 5, 1781. Another seven "presidents" followed in subsequent years. The posts of Confederation were replaced in 1789 through the current U.S. Constitution. 

Some have said that Hanson to be the an initial president the the U.S. Seymour Wemyss Smith’s 1932 biography title "John Hanson, Our an initial president," is unequivocal ~ above this point: "John Hanson to be undeniably the very first President after us were a totally free people..." he starts in his preface.