Bleach: top 15 Captains, Ranked The Captains that Bleach"s Soul culture are responsible for protecting the members and also wayward souls yet which is the strongest of the group?

The Gotei 13 is the military force of the spirit Society, comprising of the most professional warriors. These heart Reapers room tasked with defending the heart Society, protecting stray souls and also purifying Hollows.

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As a an effective organization, the Soul society has occurred numerous enemies over the millennia. Anytime these hazards arise, the captains, the most an effective Soul Reapers, regularly do fight to protect their home. Captains walk through numerous years the rigorous training, which means they are frequently masters the the strongest sword method a Soul reaping machine is capable of, the Bankai.

Updated on march 13th, 2020 by Richard Keller: While the present officially finished in 2012 ~ 366 episodes, Bleach still remains a hugely popular anime. An ext intricate 보다 the manga the is based on, the collection deftly mixed teenage angst and spiritual superheroics. Hence, the reason all the episodes room still viewed with passionate anticipation ~ above streaming services like Hulu. Together the display starts come creep toward its 20th anniversary in 2024, we"ve added a couple of more Soul society captains for you to discover when watching.

Tosen betrayed himself and the Gotei 13 at the same time. Despite his belief was to take the route of the least bloodshed, that knew his co-conspirator, Aizen, would must kill thousands in order to develop the King"s Key. For this, Tosen is ranked at the lower end of the spirit Society"s captains.

If that didn"t take a darker path, this previous Captain that the 9th division would have actually remained a formidable opponent. While the is blind, he has the strength to overwhelm or get rid of the senses that others. When transformed into a cricket-like creature, Tosen has the brief ability to watch again. In addition, the can conveniently increase the strength of his soul through Hollowification.

the end of every the captains that the spirit Society, Shihoin is taken into consideration the most an effective unarmed warrior. Sadly, she chose to leaving her function as Captain the the second Division to go back to the human world. Then again, maybe she made decision to move on because she was worn down of all the battles between good and evil.

Still, no matter the risk, Shihoin was still a playful and whimsical Captain and Commander-in-Chief. Plus, she was fast. As fast as the lightning she could coat it s her in or fire in brief ranges. On optimal of that, she could transform into a cat. She would certainly spend most of her time in this type as she feel comfortable. For this reason comfortable that, as soon as she would change back, Shihoin would be sans clothing.

The humanlike wolf captain is a mystery. Not lot is recognized of his childhood except he left his family in anger. Nor execute the various other members that the Soul society know where he"s from. The one thing they do recognize is he"s a combination of kindness and fluid rage. It counts on the situation.

When calm, Komamura has a kindness past measure. It"s perhaps the reason why Kaname Tosen an initial sensed him. However, as soon as he suits up together Captain the the 7th Division, it"s difficult to beat the on the battlefield. On height of this very own strength, Komamura has an armored avatar that deserve to increase its strength sans protection. Unfortunately, injuries to the avatar become Komamura"s together well. Luckily, there haven"t been too plenty of warriors the made the to that point.


whereby the abovementioned Yoruichi Shihoin escaped into the human World, Urahara to be exiled there after a swift trail. However, Kisuke verified the members of the heart Society. He opened up a small convenience save that also sells Shinigami items to those in need.

Before he to be exiled, Urahara was Captain the the 12th Division. Furthermore, he was the founder and an initial president that the Shinigami study and development Institute. His perform of abilities could fill this whole page. Amongst them are magnified speed and strength, genius-level intellect, and also a spirit so an effective that the emanates shockwaves once released.

There space Soul society captains who are laid back, and then there"s Love. The former Captain of formation 7, Love have the right to be found much more times than not reading Shonen Jump while lounging in his jogging suit. However, opponents of Love shouldn"t get too comfortable with his attitude.

When provoked, Love have the right to rip an opponent in fifty percent with his bare hands. As soon as he goes v Hollowification, that toughness is substantially enhanced. He likewise has one avatar the is double his size and can shoot fire native its tip. In other words, if who sees Love reading, it"s ideal not to provoke him.


in spite of being one of the youngest soul Reapers, Tōshirō has easily risen through the ranks and became captain of the 10th division. He’s regarded as a true prodigy and, v some time, the Soul society expects that to become one that its most an effective fighters. Hitsugaya wields an ice cream Zanpakuto through the name of Hyorinmaru. Hyorinmaru’s Shikai ability allows Tōshirō to regulate water and ice. In his Bankai form, Tōshirō’s ice cream abilities increase also more, v him being able to freeze things to their core v the slightest of movement.

Lisa Yadomaru is the present captain that the Gotei 13’s 8 hours division, having previously been a member the the Visored throughout her exile native the soul Society. Having been experimented on by the hand of Aizen, Lisa has both the ability of a soul Reaper and Hollow. Lisa wields a gigantic weapon that can conveniently demolish structures at the slightest swing. Her Zanpakuto’s unique abilities to be never displayed in the series, but even there is no this, Lisa has presented herself to be a strong fighter. She is renowned for being ambidextrous during her battles, which method she’s dealt attacks using both she right and also left hands. Her hollow mask considerably increases her disastrous capabilities when in battle, though she can only usage it because that 5 minutes.


Mayuri is the captain the the that the 12th department as well together the president of the Shinigami research Institute. Mayuri is as well known for his deadly inventions as that is renowned for his incredible life-changing experiments. Regarded as a mad scientist by many, Mayuri is a guy with a curious mind, hellbent on learning the mysteries of science.

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Mayuri possesses a an effective Zanpakuto the he has done number of experiments on. This changed Zanpakuto emits a deadly toxicity that deserve to shut down a person"s system just by coming into call with it. This ability, combined with Mayuri’s clinical knowledge, renders him a hard enemy to win in a one-off fight.

The previous leader that the Visored and also current Captain if the fifth division of the Gotei 13. As a former Visored, Shinji possesses the strength of both a Hollow and also a heart Reaper, meaning, he have the right to summon his hollow mask whenever that wishes. Donning this hollow mask boosts Shinji"s strength, with particular increases given to his strength and speed. Shinji is additionally known for having actually one of the the strongest Zanpakutos’s in Bleach. His sword, Sakanade, once spun, let’s off this alluring pink mist and any human being who smells this mist falls under that is spell. At any time a person gets caught in this mist, all your senses come to be inverted. This means that what was as soon as left is currently right, and also what was up is currently down, and so on. This capacity is too much for even the most seasoned battle aircraft to acclimatize to and Shinji uses this man to easily defeat them.


Byakuya is a prodigious talent even in a room filled v prodigious talents. This natural-born talent, coupled with an insane job-related ethic, has propelled Byakuya come the location of captain of the sixth division. Beforehand in the series, Byakuya is one of the strongest soul Reapers introduced and, transparent Bleach’s run, the trained difficult to maintain that status. A master of the Bankai, Byakuya’s Senbonzakura is sufficient to put even the most experienced the fighters out of commission. His sword"s capability allows it come divide right into thousands of micro blades that Byakuya have the right to control by his will. This adaptable and also somewhat fluid fighting style has preserved Byakuya amongst the strongest captains in Bleach.

Joshiro Ukitake is the former captain of the 13th division, having been changed as captain through Rukia Kuchiki. Ukitake passed away in the final war, however during his time together a captain, that consistently displayed his ability as one of the strongest captains. Ukitake is a strong fighter however an also greater tactician and also battle strategist. In his time, the won numerous fights largely due to his analysis skills. His Zanpakuto have the right to absorb the power emitted in ~ Ukitake, combine it and then redirect the in still Ukitake wishes.


The former captain that the fourth division, one of the spirit Society’s greatest ever healers and the first-ever human to hold the title of Kenpachi. Retsu Unohana is a legendary Shinigami who, regardless of having lived for over a millennium, has only one scar top top her whole persona. This is a testimony to her significant fighting ability, and also her inexhaustible medical knowledge. Unohana’s Zanpakuto, Minazuki, is great for heal and, in that Shikai form, it takes the form of a weird creature.

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In that form, that stomach acids act as fast healing medicine. This enables Unohana to heal multiple of her allies at once. Her Bankai seems much more focused on strength, fan to her time together a Kenpachi, and also it was strong enough to organize off the onslaught that Kenpachi Zaraki’s Nozarashi.

Kenpachi Zaraki flourished up the many lawless region of the heart Society. In district 89, you have to fight in order to live come see another day. This background required Zaraki to be strong and, together he combated through the hardships, Kenpachi came to be stronger and also stronger until he was recruited into the spirit Society. Having been admitted into the spirit Society, Zaraki then beat the vault captain the the 11th division and became its leader. Kenpachi is a physical force to it is in reckoned with, his physical damaging capacity is merely astonishing when at full strength. His Zanpakuto, Nozarashi, aids the in his destructive endeavors by greatly increasing his cutting ability. In that is Bankai form, Nozarashi transforms Zaraki into a berserker like state, wherein all his senses and physical ability are increased to an even an ext insane level.


Shunsui is the present captain that the 1st division and likewise holds the position of Captain-Commander the the soul Society. As such, Shunsui retains the capability to issue regulates to all members of the Gotei 13. Once the previous Captain-Commander died, Shunsui automatically replaced him v a finish vote the confidence. This highlights the prestige the Shunsui has built up during his time together a captain. Shunsui has shown himself to be consistently strong enough to defeat highly ranked members that the opposing forces on plenty of occasions. Shunsui’s Bankai is just one of the most dangerous seen in the series, v its unique abilities forcing opponents to pat by Shunsui’s ‘rules’. In his Bankai, he can deal incredible amounts of damage even to us who consider themselves intangible.

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Yamamoto is the founder the the Gotei 13 and also a previous Captain commander of its first division, having passed away in the last war against Yhwach and his army. Genryūsai originally formed the Gotei 13 come fight against the Quincy in the an initial Great war and, also at that time, he was the strongest. Yamamoto has displayed the most powerful Zanpakuto in Bleach. Once in Bankai form, Yamamoto’s flames burn with such intensity the Ice and also Water type Zanpakuto users can’t even manifest their abilities, less they evaporate. Whilst in Bankai, Yamamoto clouds self in flames the burn as hot as the sun, benefit the capability to resurrect those eliminated by his flames and also have them fight because that him, and the capability to use fire the burns points out of existence. This ridiculous overpowered fire abilities, together his years of knowledge, way that Yamamoto is the the strongest captain ever before to exist.