The text to Easton Corbin's new single 'Lovin' friend Is Fun' were penned by two of Nashville's best songwriters around, Bob DiPiero and Jim Beavers, ago in 2010. The concept for the song came about like most hits execute -- with conversation between two friends.

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"We were just sitting about talking one day, as songwriters do, and landed on the idea that people often make relationship more complicated than they need to be," Beavers speak Taste of Country. "One that us said 'love don't need to be a bunch the drama,' which became the an initial line of the chorus. From there, we finished the chorus and settled on 'lovin' friend is fun' together the last heat , and also eventually, the title itself."

"Love don’t have to be a bunch the drama / A bunch of hit down, drag outs, crying in the rain / It’s all appropriate to save it light currently mama now, don’t girlfriend think / We’re having such a great time together and it’s only just started / mine heart’s never ever smiled so difficult / Baby, lovin’ girlfriend is fun," they created in the text to the song's chorus.

"I remember asking Bob, 'Can we really call a track 'Lovin' you Is Fun'?'" Beavers adds v a laugh. "It seemed to me choose an unusual title for a song, however Bob said, 'Jimmy B ... We space writing this song, and we can contact it whatever we want!' when a member the the Songwriters room of fame speaks, ns listen, therefore we stuck with it. Native there, we worked on the verses and came up through that unusual, rappy kind of cadence."

"You’ve acquired a cousin who’s telling you somethin’ the doesn’t have nothin’ to execute with the lovin’ that we’re in, baby / ns hear she’s sayin’ this game we’re playin’ need to be complex if you desire I’ll speak it / ‘Cause i think she’s, crazy," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

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"I loved how different it was, but was worried a many singers wouldn't have the ability to pull it off," notes Beavers. "Unfortunately, I have actually a propensity to write lyrics the don't leaving a lot of room for breathing. Thankfully Easton heard and loved the song. He is just one of the few vocalists out there who can do it and do that well. He also has such a knack and also appreciation for cool, real nation music. I offer a lot of credit come Easton, his producer Carson Chamberlain, and also Brian Wright and also Joe Fisher at the document label since they heard what this song might be also though i was to sing the demo!"

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