We know Sirius’s tiny brother didn’t have actually the best run as soon as we very first heard around him. He adhered to Lord Voldemort, he served as a fatality Eater and a substantial part of his family members supported the ‘purification’ that the wizarding race and also getting rid of Muggle-borns. Yet in his last hours, Regulus brought out a brave and also selfless deed v nobody knowing. Well, nearly nobody…

Life couldn’t have actually been simple for young Regulus. We’ve heard of the clashes between his parents and his ‘Gryffindor-and-proud’ brother. Photo Regulus at house while his brother Sirius constantly argued with their mommy Walburga – who, the course, eventually ended up being immortalised together an angry, screaming portrait. Cultivation up in Grimmauld ar must have actually been bedlam.

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‘He was younger than me,’ stated Sirius, ‘and a much better son, together I to be constantly reminded.’‘But that died,’ said Harry.‘Yeah,’ stated Sirius. ‘Stupid you are fool … he join the fatality Eaters.’Harry Potter and also the bespeak of the Phoenix


Eventually things involved a head and also Sirius walked the end on the black color family, leaving Regulus alone with his parents and their ‘pure-blood mania’. Seeing his brother’s name melted off the family tapestry would have sent a an effective message – the anyone who disagreed would be disowned. Between his hostile house environment and also the added pressure to carry honour to house Black, it’s no wonder that Regulus turned come Dark magic.

Beneath this was a collection of yellow newspaper cuttings, all stuck with each other to do a ragged collage. Hermione overcome the room to study them.‘They’re all about Voldemort,’ she said. ‘Regulus appears to have been a pan for a few years before he joined the death Eaters ...’Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows

The youngest black color brother was hardly ever before mentioned by various other wizards, but there to be someone dedicated to Regulus that knew his deepest secrets – Kreacher the house-elf.

In the thing ‘Kreacher’s Tale’, the black color family’s previous servant revealed the reality behind the secret ‘R.A.B.’. Grasp Regulus volunteered Kreacher to aid Voldemort that then took Kreacher to a cave, compelled him come drink a basin of burn potion and also left him because that dead. The elf had actually been used to test the defences because that a locket bearing the symbol of Slytherin. Unbeknown come Voldemort, Kreacher escaped and returned come Regulus.

‘Master Regulus said Kreacher come come back,’ he said.‘I know – yet how did you escape the Inferi?’Kreacher did no seem come understand.‘Master Regulus said Kreacher come come back,’ that repeated.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Though he had trodden too far down a dark path, Regulus to be still a smart guy. ~ all, he was the one that deduced the the locket had become a Horcrux, knew it expected Voldemort to be no much longer ‘mortal’ and also that it had to be destroyed. Exactly how he found this out, we might never know, only that one night he concerned Kreacher ‘not as he usually was’ and ‘disturbed in his mind’.


Then, of course, there was his letter: the evidence that he had actually turned top top his previous master.

To the Dark LordI recognize I will be dead long prior to you check out this however I desire you to know that the was i who found your secret. I have stolen the genuine Horcrux and also intend to destroy it as shortly as i can. I challenge death in the hope that once you fulfill your match, you will certainly be mortal when more.R.A.B.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

So Regulus drank the burn potion himself (rather than letting Kreacher endure again) and was dragged come his fatality by the Inferi. A distraught Kreacher to be ordered to return home, ruin Slytherin’s locket and never disclose the fact to the black color family. Hermione believed that Regulus kept his actions mystery to protect his household should Voldemort find his betrayal.


Again, the a secret what made Regulus readjust suddenly on that night he returned to Kreacher. Maybe finding out around something as inhumane together the Horcruxes was sufficient to turn him against the Dark Lord. Perhaps he had actually seen horrors that wasn’t all set for – like Draco did year later. Or probably he readjusted his mind as soon as he observed the cruelty Voldemort might inflict top top an innocent elf. Regulus, we’re told, constantly liked Kreacher and also treated him v kindness.

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There was no reputation or glory in his death, however Regulus had actually his legacy. The Horcruxes were at some point destroyed, Voldemort was defeated and also Regulus ended up being an inspirational number for Kreacher at the fight of Hogwarts:

The house-elves of hogwarts swarmed right into the enntrance gate Hall, screaming and also waving carving knives and cleavers, and also at their head, the locket that Regulus black bouncing on his chest, to be Kreacher, his bullfrog’s voice audible even over this din: ‘Fight! Fight! Fight for my master, defender that house-elves! fight the Dark Lord, in the name of brave Regulus! Fight!’Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows

Regulus Black died an unforeseen hero, a revelation bother was one of the very first to know. Had Sirius just known, we imagine he would have actually been for this reason proud of his brave brother. In acquisition a tremendous hazard for no personal reward, his is one of the many unlikely, however noblest sacrifices in the whole series.