In 1932, Disney"s Mickey computer mouse was the first non-human to success an Oscar. The Oscar was got by Walt Disney because that the creation of Mickey mouse as an Academy Honorary Award. That year, Disney"s Mickey"s Orphans was also nominated in the best Animated quick Film category, but the Oscar go to one more Disney film: Flowers and Trees.

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The first Oscars to be presented in 1929 in a ceremony the lasted just 15 minutes. The statuette awarded come winners is 13.5 inch (34 cm) tall and also weighs 8.5 pounds (3.85 kg).In 2003, The mr of the Rings: The Return the the King won every 11 category in i m sorry it was nominated.
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Viranty October 7, 2014 critical year, as soon as many human being saw Disney"s Frozen in theater, little did they recognize that a Mickey Mouse quick would it is in playing prior to it. Known as acquire a Horse, when it might not be as an excellent as the classics, the still go a decent job of capturing the feel of the larger Mickey computer mouse shorts. Combining new and old techniques, it really added to the theater experience. My suggest is that, after watching the short, it"s basic to see why Mickey computer mouse won an Oscar. Also though his old cartoons could be a little dated, the brand-new technology can combine with the old ones, to produce an endure that would certainly appeal to a newer generation just as lot as it would to those who thrived up in the at an early stage 1900"s. Euroxati October 6, 2014

Hazali - while you do make part very great points, what caught my fist the many was when you discussed that every key character needs a supporting cast. Ns wholeheartedly agree, especially with your references to Donald and Goofy. Speaking of supporting characters, one point that I"ve constantly thought feasible was that Minnie to be originally produced as nothing an ext than a damsel in distress, and Pete to be nothing an ext than Mickey"s rival and foil. After all, earlier in those days, there to be a many black and also white cartoons that centered around the main character having to rescue a female from train tracks, while the rogue attempted to run her over. Maybe Pete and also Minnie were motivated from this. Hazali October 6, 2014 while I do enjoy analysis these tidbits, several of this actually confuses me a bit. The post discusses the first non-human to victory an Oscar, Mickey mouse himself. However, this type of leads me come wonder how this is possible, if he"s not even alive in the an initial place. However, possibly I"m simply over examining things. It might just be referring to the character and also its incentive winning an Oscar.Regardless the whether i agree with this post or not, I"m no surprised the he winner an Oscar, and even much more so, he absolutely deserved it. Love that or dislike him, Mickey mouse is absolutely one of the most iconic personalities in animation history. The really makes you wonder what the computer animation industry would be like had Mickey mouse never been created. Speaking of which, I carry out wonder when Donald Duck and Goofy came into play, together they"re constantly seen tagging together with Mickey. Maybe these characters came roughly after motivation for the mouse.

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After ~ all, every main character requirements a supporting cast. post your comment