10 Marvel characters That can Beat Batman without Breaking A Sweat (And 10 that Batman might Take Down) that would win in a fight, Batman or a Marvel character? We look for the answer through this article!

Ever because he was very first introduced in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, Batman has gone up versus some impressive supervillains. That isn"t always fun and games int that Batcave though and also there have actually been an ext than a couple of times the Dark Knight has thrown down through a hero or two. In most cases, that prepares self for each and also every among these battles so he have the right to come out on top, however that can"t always be the case. What about those heroes and also villains indigenous a fully different universe? would certainly the Dark Knight have the ability to stand versus the likes that Spider-Man, Thanos, Thor or the remarkable Hulk? few of these questions have actually been reply by the an excellent people in ~ Marvel and also DC when others continue to be the speak of comic publication fans throughout the world.

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Granted, any type of list choose this is purely subjective and any pan of the Dark Knight will tell you, with enough preparation, Batman might defeat anyone. Because that the sake of argument, and to store this list interesting, we room assuming the wasn"t able to prepare completely for each and also every one of these engagements. .. They are, after all, following in another universe, which precludes an i can not qualify to correctly prepare. Some of them have actually occurred in the crossover books while others room pure speculation and the topic of conversation over on sites choose Redditt or Quora. Everything your opinions on the Dark Knight, the isn"t i can not qualify of losing, which is why we were able to come up with this perform of 10 Marvel characters That Batman can Beat there is no Breaking A Sweat (10 Marvel personalities That could Take him Down).

This fight pits two incredibly talented tacticians against one one more in a struggle that would surely ruin a most scenery. On the one side, Batman is a understand tactician, a qualified martial artist who has actually mastered around 127 fighting styles and also he has the equipment to stand as much as just around anyone.

On the various other side is Cyclops, the leader of and original member that the X-Men who has stood approximately the likes of world Breaker Hulk. Once it pertains to these two fighting, Batman has actually the leaf in fighting style, methods and capability to overcome, however Cyclops has the far better weapon: his ocular blast. The only problem: the would need to hit Batman. If they fought, it"s unlikely Bats would certainly let that happen, which is why the Dark Knight take away the command in this battle.

as soon as it comes to Batman-esque characters in the Marvel Universe, girlfriend don"t have to look much further than Moon Knight. That is lot like Batman given that the is rich, a capable fighter, and also able to defeat pretty much anyone that goes up against. He could be a bit insane as to his beginning story, yet what vigilante isn"t a small nuts?

In regards to skills, Batman bring away the lead though lock are very closely matched. Bats has far an ext skill when it involves tactical planning and figuring out how to loss a foe, yet Moon Knight has the power behind the to take on any foe. If they were to walk toe-to-toe, the fight would likely go on for as lengthy as one of two people man could take it, but ultimately Moon Knight would certainly be the one left standing.

Batman vs Punisher
For many of this fights, we have to rely ~ above supposition and conjecture, however not as soon as it pertains to the fight between frank Castle, aka The Punisher, and also the Dark Knight. You can think Batman has the obvious edge in this fight given his skills, however you may be forgetting the while Castle counts on firepower, that is a highly-skilled and also decorated combat veteran with countless fighting skills to his name.

The two fought a brutal battle, yet when it lastly came under to that won, Batman placed a literal avoid to Castle"s fist and also declared the struggle over. When you gain right under to it, lock is a bruiser like Wayne, but Bats can counter any kind of firearm through the best bat-suit and a fist-fight between the 2 couldn"t be winner by anyone other than Batman.

17 to win BATMAN:

to compare these two characters and also determining that would success in a fight is miscellaneous you might hear in any type of comic publication store top top the planet. ~ above the one side, you have Batman that wears body armor, is the best martial artist in his universe and has the weapons and also money necessary to counter any threat or foe.

In the other corner, we have actually Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. The is also one the the finest martial artist in his universe, doesn"t wear body armor and has small money. One edge the does have is his extra-sensory perception. So long as Batman to be unaware of this (and his weak to extremely loud noises), it seems most likely Daredevil would victory if the 2 were to pertained to blows. It would certainly be a major fight, but Bats would certainly be the one left top top the ground.

prefer Daredevil, Elektra Natchios is among the finest martial artists in the Marvel Universe. She is an ext than qualified with an edged weapon and much more than a match for the likes of Batman. To be the two to hit one another, the fight would definitely be intense, but Elektra would more than likely not be the one standing in ~ the end of their fight.

Batman has actually the an abilities to stand as much as Elektra, yet he additionally comes equipped with an ext "firepower" and also the ninja an abilities Elektra could never match. She as soon as succumbed to one of her own sais at the hands of Bullseye and also seeing as Bats would probably beat Bullseye in a fight, we have actually to offer the edge to the Dark article in this match.


Spider-Man is around as iconic come Marvel Comics together Batman is to DC, i m sorry is why many human being often wonder what a fight between these two sector titans would certainly look like. We already know Bats has actually the fighting an abilities to take on anyone of same skill, however what about a guy who can avoid gift hit by anything Batman throws his way?

With enough preparation, Batman would certainly likely have actually a means of against Pete"s Spidey-Sense, however that stays unlikely. There is no his stealth ability and virtually superhuman capability to take the end anyone, Batman would struggle versus both Pete"s rapid reflexes and his annoying wit, i beg your pardon the Dark Knight would surely loathe. We have to give this one to our Friendly ar Spider-Man seeing together he might be the one man who might wear under Batman.

In terms of Marvel"s biggest martial artist, most world would say the honor falls to iron Fist. Danny Rand, aka the Immortal steel Fist, has the fighting an abilities of Batman, yet with a twist. No only have the right to he to win anyone he comes across, he also has the ability to channel his chi right into his fist and create an invulnerable weapon.

Batman doesn"t have one that those, but what the does have are the martial arts an abilities comparable come Rand, the money Rand has actually (they room both disgustingly wealthy) and also the armor and also toys essential to counter something like an invincible, glowing fist. In every likelihood, Batman would certainly immobilize Danny"s fist within a few seconds and pummel on that relentlessly until he stated "Uncle."

13 to win BATMAN: physician DOOM

medical professional Victor Von doom does not have the fighting skills of someone like Batman, however he has actually an ego equal to the task. This is one guy who will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve his goals, which has actually made him an opponent of just about everyone in the Marvel Universe... And he couldn"t be prouder of the fact.

The only reason Doom can beat Batman in a fight needs to do through the fact that he would certainly fight dirty, unleash hundreds of Doom Bots at the Dark Knight, in which method trick that into beating himself or by merely blasting him come kingdom come through his energy blasts. Bats could probably take him if he knew that he was prior to meeting Doom, but if the two dealt with on a whim, Bats loses the top hand.

once Spider-Man very first met the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, he believed he to be a large, fat tub of goo. The turned out, his bulky dimension was the result of his having actually the most toned muscles on the planet. Regrettably for Fisk, his muscle looks choose fat for part reason, yet that just serves him by lulling his adversaries into a false feeling of confidence.

Fisk doesn"t have actually any significant fighting styles, but if you had actually to compare him to a DC rogue in organization with Batman, he most closely resembles Bane. So lengthy as Batman doesn"t let himself acquire pulled right into a bear hug by this guy, there"s tiny doubt he might beat him. It"s simply a issue of maintaining his distance and striking as soon as the right opportunity presents itself, i beg your pardon is other Batman excels at.


Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke, is another expert martial artist in the Marvel cosmos who is an ext than qualified of defending herself against pretty lot anyone. Not just is she a capable fighter, however she also has specific psychic abilities that enable her to acquire into the mental of her enemies and also make them view what she desires them to see. She deserve to also form telekinetic power into psychic blades.

Unfortunately, those chisels wouldn"t stand as much as the swords Batman can employ in his defense... And also offense versus Psylocke. She would then take it an benefit in their battle with she psychic powers, which Batman would be totally unprepared for. When they got into a fight, it could go on because that a while, however in the end, Batman would certainly be the one to take it a beating.

many fans that the MCU recognize of black color Widow as an incredibly capable woman who stands next to the likes of iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk. Her representation on the silver screen is pretty accurate, however her comic publication self is far much more capable 보다 what we have actually seen Scarlett Johansson perform. She is one of the ideal fighters and also marksman in the Marvel Universe.

While she may be more than a threat to pretty much anyone in the Marvel Universe, Batman isn"t just anyone. He has actually the an abilities needed to take on the likes the Natasha Romanova, yet this is one fight us would choose to see. Two expertly professional fighters with no superpowers would certainly likely an outcome in a draw, but we had actually to provide the edge to Bats in this one due to his an abilities and abilities.


Cable is among the an ext interesting Mutants from the Marvel Universe thanks to his originating native an alternate, future timeline. He recently made his debut figure on the silver display in Deadpool 2, which plainly showed a male most civilization wouldn"t desire to mess with. He to be pretty close come his comic book counterpart, i beg your pardon helps united state visualize exactly how this fight might play out.

Both personalities are able come beat on one another, yet Cable possesses expertise and an innovation from the future, which provides him a noteworthy edge. Even with this advances, Batman would ultimately take the upper-hand in a fight between the two, but if Cable were to rental his psychic abilities against the Dark article in simply the right way, the fight would certainly lean in his favor resulting in Batman"s defeat.

Batman has to address a the majority of psychopaths in his line of work. From world like the Joker to men like Scarecrow, there"s no shortage of attention villains ready to overcome the line to watch their dreams come to fruition. The green Goblin is, in many ways, Spider-Man"s Joker and also a battle between Batman and also the Goblin would certainly be something to see.

Both men have actually a great deal the money and advanced equipment at your disposal, which places them in rather of the same class. The only problem for Gobby is his i can not qualify to engage in fisticuffs like the Dark Knight. He has his pumpkin bombs, however they space no match to the fighting skill, drive, and determination of Batman when he gets great and prepared for some butt-kicking.


Deadpool is just one of those personalities who may seem silly in ~ times, yet he is more than likely the most skilled assassin in the Marvel Universe. This is a guy who is an ext than capable with a firearm, edged weapon or everything else might be lying roughly should the require arise come take the end a target. Add to the the truth that he"s immortal and also you have a severe threat to the Dark Knight.

If the 2 were to involved blows, about the only way Batman can take the advantage would be to cut off go Wilson"s head. Now, we all recognize that wouldn"t death him, but Batman would never ever do that together it would certainly violate his code. He can wail top top Wade for days, yet never beat him, i beg your pardon is why the winner in this fight has to be Deadpool.

This is one more battle us don"t need to imagine seeing together the great people in ~ Marvel and also DC have actually made that happen. As soon as Batman engages against Captain America, that is outmatched... Huge time. Let"s challenge it, Steve Rogers is the peak human in the Marvel Universe and while Bruce Wayne is the same thing end at DC, he had to work for the while Rogers simply drank part orange juice.

Super Soldier Serum aside, lid is an skilled fighter and also he has actually his handy shield. When the 2 fought, the just reason Batman took the advantage for even a 2nd was because of their fight moving down to the dark drain where cap slipped. This provided Bats the opening he required to soil a blow, but that"s around as much as the went prior to the fight pertained to a conclusion.


Batman is the most skilled fighter friend will uncover in the DC Universe, yet Wolverine is easily his equal over in ~ Marvel. Not only has he studied every the martial arts, but he likewise had a couple of lifetimes to perfect them, which makes him a an overwhelming opponent come defeat. Oh, he additionally has six retractable, indestructible claws coming out of his fists... Over there is that.

The thing about Wolverine everyone gets wrong is he appears invincible, but he truly isn"t. He has lost a fight or two in his day and also we prefer to think that with his mutant abilities and his adamantium skeleton, there is some way Batman would uncover to defeat him. If he never popped his claws, Bats would more than likely win easily, however once Bats hears "Snikt," all bets are off and Batman loses the advantage.

medical professional Octopus is just one of those personalities who seems, top top the surface, as if he would certainly be simple pushover, yet he never was. Also with a small webbing in his face, that is only ever slowed under for a small bit and also it take away a whomp on the head to take it him out. His extra arms space a serious threat to anyone the comes across and end the years, he has evolved into among Spider-Man"s best enemies.

Compared come Batman, rose oil does have an advantage... Or four, but even v those extra arms, it appears unlikely Batman wouldn"t acquire the advantage in a fight. His expert capacity to dodge them way it would only be a issue of time before he gained close sufficient to deliver a knockout blow rendering Doc Oc unconscious and also out that the fight.

3 win BATMAN: stole MAN

A claimed fight in between Batman and Iron male is always on the psychic of fans given the similarities between the characters. Like Bruce Wayne, Tony distinct is disturbingly wealthy and capable of fighting crime in any means he sees fit. Unfortunately, that doesn"t have the time (or desire) to master any type of forms the martial arts, i beg your pardon is why he placed his genius into inventing the weaponry that would end up being his Iron man armor.

This fight would certainly come under to the difference between Batman"s ability to thwart any kind of threat and the integrity of Stark"s armor. His tools would likely be rendered moot by Batman, yet Stark"s premium armor would probably win the end in the end. It is just far too an effective compared to the Bat-Suit and it"s unlikely an unprepared Batman can stand as much as it for long.

You could not think it to be possible, however not only has actually Batman dealt with the Hulk in the crossover comics, he in reality beat him. This doesn"t seem feasible because there is absolutely no method Batman might harm the Hulk with any of his gadgets, tricks or amazing punches. The only means the Dark Knight can possibly to win the remarkable Hulk is v something much simpler: gas.

As the Hulk came at him, Bats deployed part knockout gas and fitted himself with a comfortable Bat-Respirator (because all of his toys need to have words "Bat" in them). He hosted himself ago as the beast lumbered towards him and also only breathed a sigh that relief once the Jade Giant finally succumbed come the gas right before his feet.

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1 beats BATMAN: black color PANTHER

There space a many comparable personalities to Batman over at Marvel. We already discussed Moon Knight and also Iron Man, however the one who compares the most to Bats is more than likely T"Challa, otherwise well-known as the black Panther. Like Bruce Wayne, he has actually an inexhaustible supply of cash, however he additionally has the fighting an abilities of Batman and a fancy suit to help him hit evil-doers.

Ultimately, it"s not Black Panther"s fighting layout that would victory in a fight against Batman, it"s his suit. Both guys are equally suitable to hit one another and also while the Bat-Suit is definitely impressive, it isn"t made the end of Vibranium, which is qualified of absorbing all kinetic energy. Every punch Bats would land would just empower T"Challa more. In the end, Bats wouldn"t beat him and the black color Panther would certainly stand supreme!