A girlfriend of ns were discussing this matchup this morning. He's team Naruto. I'm team Goku.

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So, this match up would be two rounds. Round 1: strict hand come hand combat. No special assaults (kamehameha, Rasengan, zero clones) however they would have the ability to use any and all revolutions at your disposal. (Super saiyan god, Six paths sage mode, Tailed Beast transformation, Kaio ken, supervisor saiyan)

Round 2: All the end combat till one fighter cannot continue. They both have access to all of their revolutions (Nine tailed form, super saiyan God), techniques, and also weapons. (Naruto has actually Shuriken, Kunai, and also Goku has his power pole and also 1 senzu bean).

Who will win this fight of titans? The seventh Hokage or the leader the the Z fighters?


goke deserve to wipe the end galaxies, Naruto is a weeb in PJ's who have the right to sometimes turn into a upset furry monster indigenous space, case closed.

Not a same fight. Son ogong was Moon-Busting in the very first episode the DBZ.

I'm not aware of noþeles in Naruto being comparable.

Raditz can see and also react to Ki Blasts the were relativistic. Anyone FTE come Raditz would be relativistic. Provided how many personalities were FTE come somebody that was FTE to somebody that was FTE come someb-.... You gain the point. They are quicker than Naruto. If goku is in reality trying to win he blitzes and one-shots.

At best, son ogong loses ~ above accident by no actually fighting Naruto and also just waiting to watch what Naruto can do. I'm not familiar sufficient with Naruto-verse passed the pains Arc to understand if Naruto himself has actually anything to stop Goku.

Naruto, previous the ache arc, ended up being ridiculously powerful. He regulated to dodge a faster than light strike by madara, acquired full regulate of the ripe tailed fox and is able come fight in that kind and use gigantic versions that the rasengan, is able to use, through shadow clones, rasengans with a little bit of the strength from each of the tailed beasts, usage a chakra coat to defend himself native incoming attacks and also use the tailed beast bomb to destroy practically anything in his path.

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Not sure anyone in the Naruto city is solid enough to be a moon buster seeing as they had to build a an equipment to destroy the moon and that to be by amplifying the power of the 8 tailed beast. However, Naruto has actually shown destructive capabilities that were sufficient to ruin a divine tree (size that a small mountain) and completely destroy a valley in his fight versus sasuke.