Itachi Uchiha has actually a separate fan basic in the Naruto fan community. The is perhaps one of the most iconic personalities from the franchise and also probably the one there is no a hater.

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Even those who execute not recognize the truth around Itachi can not seem to uncover it in your hearts to dislike him. His cold, i was sure demeanor and also the sense of fear he radiates is something the attracts fans in the direction of him instantly, also if they do not condone his behavior.


Although Naruto and also Naruto Shippuden got to their conclusion a long time ago, that is a tale that go not gain old. So, those who have not however watched the series can check out on.

Why did Itachi betray his clan, desert Konoha, and join the Akatsuki?

An Uchiha prodigy, Itachi was means more progressed than his peers and was one of the youngest ninjas come graduate native the Academy. However that was no all the was unique about him.

As the 3rd Hokage put it, Itachi to be immensely matured and could think along the lines of an able Hokage even as a seven-year-old. He to be born during the Third good Ninja War and grew up watching the horrors and also bloodshed that battle.

By the time he thrived up, he was a sworn pacifist and also wanted to avoid a battle at all costs.

As a result, once his dad orchestrated a coup de tat following frustration v the discrimination of the village against the Uchiha, Itachi was compelled to do a damaging choice.

He knew that a coup arranged by the Uchiha would cause the village"s destruction, and also with them transforming against the Leaf, other villages would shed no time in attacking the floor of Fire. In the worst-case scenario, there could be however another great Ninja War.

To stop this, he agreed through Danzo"s plan and single-handedly slaughtered every Uchiha, other than Sasuke.

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He join the notorious criminal organization Akatsuki to see that they do not plot any harm versus the surprise Leaf. He ruined his own reputation and even took on the burden of Sasuke"s dislike in the wishes that it would certainly make the stronger.