OriginCanadaFirst episode date2004
LabelsDHX MediaCanadian Broadcasting coporation, group (CBC)Playhouse Disney (USA)Playhouse DisneyTiny popular music (UK)Websitehttp://www.doodlebops.comMembersChad McNamara — Rooney DoodleLisa J. Lennox — Deedee DoodleJonathan Wexler — Moe DoodleNominationsGemini compensation for finest Pre-School regimen or SeriesCastLisa J Lennox, john Catucci, Jonathan Wexler, Chad McNamaraProfilesYouTube
The Doodlebops was a Canadian tv series. "Rock & Bop with The Doodlebops" (Disney documents USA) was released in 2004. That is 2004–2007 TV broadcast run, created by Cookie jug Entertainment, airs together reruns on the Canadian Broadcasting corporation (CBC) in Canada in the Kids" CBC morning transfer programming schedule, ~ above Playhouse Disney (UK) and Tiny popular music in the UK, and on Starz youngsters & household in the USA, which is part of the Starz household of premium networks. The show previously aired top top the Disney Channel in the USA as part of the Playhouse Disney morning programming schedule, however is no much longer a part of the lineup. The Doodlebops had actually a live concert tour. The Doodlebops" stars are Lisa J. Lennox as Deedee Doodle, Chad McNamara as Rooney Doodle, and Jonathan Wexler together Moe Doodle.

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The Doodlebops" personalities are members of a Children"s band, The creators of The Doodlebops room Cookie Jar executive, management Michael Hirsh and Musical director Carl Lenox. Jamie Waese is the producer and also director of the TV series. David W. Connolly is the choreographer. Andrea Nevitt is the heat Producer. Gord McLennan is the technological Producer. Ian Harvey is the an elderly Editor.


The display features a mix of music, dancing, humor and also skits that teach social lessons. The show always includes scenes from a concert in former of a preschool audience who proactively participate in the singing and dancing.


The band members wear heavy makeup and/or prosthetics come look favor live activity cartoon characters. During the an initial season, lock wore fabric hoods through fake ears.


The Doodlebops



Bus Driver Bob
– Bob drives the Doodlebop bus. That is shown by man "Giovanni" Catucci. He knows how to pat the guitar, yet is shy around it and also only plays for himself. The is likewise a big fan that trains. Bob has an the same twin brother called Rob and another off-screen brother called Obear.Jumping Judy – Mazz"s cousin that bounces once she moves. She was depicted by dancer Stacey Bafi-Yeboa (billed as Stacey Martin).Mazz – The Doodlebops manager during season one. She was depicted by Kim Roberts.

Recurrent themes

Where"s Moe? – Deedee and Rooney go into through a door and introduce themselves, and also subsequently can"t find Moe, Deedee or Rooney whenever every of them states either "Uh-oh, where"s Moe?" together a rhyme. This initiates the recurring "Where"s Moe?" theme, in i beg your pardon the two Doodlebops find for Moe, sometimes acquiring assist from Moosehead or Mudge. Eventually, Moe discover himself, after ~ the Doodlebops room not successful in recognize him. However, sometimes, the 2 Doodlebops find him.The Pledge – The Doodlebops every line increase together and recite the Doodlebop pledge, waving your flags in the process (and the lamp going dark in the studio). As soon as they finish, castle all connect in acrobatic activities for a few seconds.It"s Jazzmin! – after ~ the Doodlebops pledge, their manager Jazzmin shows up from behind a bookshelf, scat singing before speaking in rhyme come the Doodlebops. She departs by snapping her fingers and also disappearing, which the Doodlebops then try to copy and also wonder exactly how she does it.Don"t pull the Rope! – Just before the Doodlebops head into the record studio to satisfy with Audio Murphy, a rope falls from the ceiling, i beg your pardon Moe traction down, nevertheless of the others warnings that pulling the rope. When Moe traction the rope, he is drenched in water and also subsequently shakes the off.Get on the Bus! – The Doodlebops each join Bus Driver Bob on his bus after your session in ~ the record studio ends. Bob honks the bus" horn, the Doodlebops board, and dance and also sing their way to the Doodlebops concert.

Changes native Season one come Season two

There were number of production and also design alters that emerged on the TV show between season one and also season two. Amongst them:

Most illustration in season 1 were processed, by utilizing Film look, but, in season 2, the episodes were filmized.The opened montage ends with a computer generated variation of the Doodlebops play room. In season one a jib eight was provided for a actual shot the the room.Doodlebops wore a Spandex hood that matched their makeup v fake ear attached to do them appear much more cartoon like. In season two, the stick out style ears were gotten rid of as was the head/neck wrap. Slight assembly alterations were additionally made come Rooney and Deedee in season two.In season one, there was at the very least two songs performed in the concert segment, periodically three or also four. In season two, the concert is 2 songs maximum, and also in 5 episodes, just one song was performed.Deedee"s bouffant hair style became slightly bigger, and more stylish between season one and also two. Her dress additionally appears to be less hoop style and slightly more type fitting.Deedee"s keytar is different and also so is Rooney"s guitar. Moe periodically uses a portable version of his drums throughout the video.Moe typically shrinks self in order come hide native his other Doodlebops (as is the tradition "Where"s Moe?" sequence). In season one, Moe did not display his shrinking ability, opting to hide behind props, inside of boxes, etc."The Pledge" on season two has a much longer introduction, consisting of a happy acrobatic succession at the end.In season two, the Doodlebops manager, Jazzmin, is able to snap she fingers then disappear as soon as she leaves, only to have actually the Doodlebops to ask, "How does she execute that?" in ~ every occurrence. In season one, the manager to be Mazz, one entirely different character, that left the step the means she came in i m sorry was v a mystery passage ~ above the wall, while to sing a jazzy scat layout lyric."Don"t traction the Rope" Although no a very huge change, the splash that hits Moe"s head after ~ he pulls the ropes is a much bigger splash in season 2 than in season one.After Moe traction the rope, the Doodlebops head straight to their recording studio wherein they record and also shoot the video clip for their upcoming concert with Audio Murphy. In season one, no recording studio to be used and the Doodlebops would typically head outdoors come play and go about having fun.The "Get on the Bus" succession underwent several alters from season one to season two. The bus chin was boosted in dimension (from the outside), slight artistic alterations in the interior, the run music to be re-recorded including in more instruments, such as horns or percussion; the Doodlebops no longer performed a "musical break" in the center of the song.In season two, if on stage the Doodlebops each have actually an short article of garments that is much more sparkly than their usual daily attire. However, once they are backstage and about to operation onto the stage and also start singing, lock still have actually their casual costumes on. That is only once the curtains go up that their concert outfits have actually seemed to magically appear on them when they ran onstage."Knock, knock" - Deedee performs the joke in every episode with Mudge, and it takes ar at a hot dog stand where Mudge is the warm dog attendant. In season one, this skit to be performed in former of Deedee"s mirror.The finishing song is cut down in most episodes because that timing reasons.

Changes do in Season three

Deedee"s key-board on the concert stage is now much more like a benchtop.The "Knock Knock" hoax goes earlier to taking place in former of the mirror, and also has shifted the focus off the "knock-knock" variety. Also, the curtain doesn"t come down throughout this segment anymore. Two or three episodes, every in the second half of the season, don"t also have the joke due to time constraints.A lower proportion that the season"s episodes than those in season two have actually a 2nd song ~ above stage, with only two of the very first seven episodes having actually two songs at the end before the joke. If one episode has actually two songs, among them is always "Floating prefer a Feather".The Doodlebops carry out the run they walk in Audio Murphy"s studio again ~ above stage. The run is recognized as the run of the Day and is displayed to the kids prior to the concert.To readjust into their tour jackets and also their concert gear, the Doodlebops rotate around. ~ above the later costume change, they to speak "We"re the Doodlebops!" if changing.The bookcase spins about instead of sliding outwards when Jazzmin comes in.The "Get top top the Bus" tune is sometimes reduced down to conserve time.The background throughout the credits is readjusted to one of the Doodlebops meeting and also greeting your fans before the show. In a few episodes, this is instead one of the finishing song.

Character changes from Season one come Season two

Two talk mannequin heads, who looked and also sounded prefer a mocked up version of british royalty, were pursued season one.Mazz, the tape manager that rhymed every sentence, was no much longer on the display after the second season. Jazzmin replaced Mazz as the Doodlebops manager in season two.Occasional appearances indigenous a chicken, a small alien and also other smaller creatures throughout the search for Moe, have disappeared indigenous the show.Audio Murphy appeared in the newly added recording studio together the band"s engineer.

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Rockin" road Show

Although The Doodlebops TV series was cancelled, the Doodlebops have actually a new TV collection called Doodlebops Rockin" road Show, and is rated TV-Y. Jazzmin, Audio Murphy, Mr. Moosehead and also Mudge no much longer appear, for the Doodlebops room on tour. The only personalities seen in every episode space Bus Driver Bob, Deedee Doodle, Rooney Doodle, Moe Doodle, and also a small pink dog. In each episode, mail Snail delivers the Doodlebops a DVD sent out by a child in need of help. The son is climate turned into an animated character and sent to the bus to it is in a "Doodle for a Day".