The .308 caliber (7.62 Military) round has never to be called"Kate". I think what you are talking about is a rifle with thenickname Kate.

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The rifle is a Tactical work Bravo - 51. The is a highlyaccurized variation of the maritime M-40 and also Army M-24 sniper weapons.The weapon is qualified of to press .25 MOA or to the non-shootersout there, can however bullets in 1/4 inch teams for every 100 yardsin distance.

EX: If a TRAINED sniper shooting a target 400 yards down selection therifle is capable of putting all ring in a 1 inch group, 2 inches
800 Yards etc. Out to 1000 yards.

As with many things, you acquire what you salary for and the rifle isvery expensive and also is usually found in Police SWAT and also somemilitary Spec. Ops. Units.

As far as I deserve to determine the surname "Kate" was offered to oneweapon, the operator of the Sniper main website was a militarysniper and also had called his rifle "Kate". Once he left the organization andhad to offer up "Kate" the purchased a Bravo-51 and called that KATE IIand stated it ~ above his website. It took off from there. That iscommon because that rifle shooters to name their rifles. Daniel Boone calledhis "Tick Licker" for instance although many name castle afterwomen.

Hollywood is responsible for human being thinking all .308"s or thatthere is a Kate design out there due to the fact that when they killed off thecharacter Kate in the NCIS episode "Kill Ari" Gibbs said sniperswho supplied a Bravo-51 referred to as them "Kate". The Gibbs character to be asniper in the maritime Corps.

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Hope that helps.

Here is what a Bravo 51 look at like: see attach below-

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