-Reduces friction-Keeps the heart had in the chest cavity.-Prevents the love from overexpanding as soon as blood -volume increases.-Limits heart motion
1. Visceral pericardium aka epicardium (closest to the heart)2. Parietal pericardium ( lines the inner surface of the pericardial sac.

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Serous fluid acts together a lubricant; and also reduces friction in between the the contrary layers as the heart beats.
also known as left and right atrial appendages. Functional the auricles serve as reservoirs for extra volume within the atrium chambers.
The atria get blood returning to the love from other areas of the body.R atrium: receives deoxygenated blood returning to the heart from the superior and also inferior venae cavae. Together atrium: obtain oxygenated blood return to the love from the pulmonary veins.
The superior vena cava returns de-oxygenated blood indigenous the head, neck, arm and also chest areas of the human body to the ideal atrium. The inferior vena cava return de-oxygenated blood indigenous the lower body areas (legs, back, abdomen and also pelvis) to the right atrium.
located in the right atrium; operation transversely in the groove between the left atrium and also left ventricle, medial come the worse vena cava opening.Function: deoxygenated blood from the heart muscle itself drains into the appropriate atrium via the coronary sinus.
Located between the atria and also the ventricles. Function is to prevent backflow the blood into the atria.
1- bring ventricular wall surfaces closer together during contraction staying clear of backflow 2- pull the semilunar valves open up to permit ventricular ejection.3- traction the AV Valves open during atriole systole.4- avoid balloning of AV valves laflets ago into the atria during ventricular systole,and to stop AV valvular regurgtion.
A semilunar valve is found at the basic of the pulmonary trunk. This semilunar valve stays clear of blood native flowing earlier into the ventricles.
Interatrial septum off the left and also right atria.Interventricular septum the end the left and also right ventricles.
Name, in the exactly order, every the structures that blood flows with on its journey from the superior and also inferior venae cavae to the aorta.
deoxygenated blood at the superior and inferior vena cava start in the R atrium also venous blood from the love muscle itself enters the R atrium through the coronary sinus; goes with the tricuspid (R AtrioVentricular) valve; enters the R ventricle; pulmonary semilunar valve; l & R pulmonary arteries come the L&R lungs; oxygenated blood travels through pulmonary veins; beginning the l atrium; bicuspid (L AV) valve; l ventricle; aortic semilunar valve; aorta.
carries deoxygenated blood away from the heart, come the lungs, and also returns oxygenated blood earlier to the heart.
The left and the right coronary arteries arise from the base of the aorta and also encircle the heart. Branches of this arteries it is provided the heart v oxygen and also nutrients whilst the cardiac veins drainpipe the venous blood into the coronary sinus i m sorry empties into the ideal atrium.
Why are the walls of the aorta and the pulmonary trunk/arteries so thick contrasted to the venae cavae?
Arteries have actually thicker epithelium/muscular/elastic walls compared to veins, due to the fact that they have to cope with a much better pressure. The heart needs to pump blood in ~ high pressures to ensure that the blood reaches all the cell of the body, from the mind to the toes. Thicker walls enable the arteries come cope v the pressure, rather of rupturing.
The fossa ovals is located between the two atria in the interatrial septum and also is one embryonic remnant the the foramen ovale.
The left ventricle is an ext muscular than the best ventricle since it pumps the blood in ~ a greater pressure.The left ventricle pumps blood at a higher pressure because it has a further distance come travel, blood indigenous the left ventricle goes come all locations of the body. The ideal ventricle only needs to pump blood come the lung which is a much much shorter distance, thus less pressure is required.
Why do the coronary arteries arise from the basic of the aorta and also not native the basic of the pulmonary trunk?
purpose that the coronary artery is to it is provided oxygenated blood come the heart if the arteries increased from the basic of the pulmonary trunk lock would just have access to deoxygenated blood.

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The lungs in a fetus space not sensible - gas exchange is perform via the placenta and also the mom excretes the waste.



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