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Odds room you’re acquainted with the angry Witch of the West’s fatality scene native The wizard of Oz. It’s one of the most iconic moments from the 1939 film, and if you haven’t ever quoted the line, “I’m melting… melting!” please do so currently for the services of every that’s an excellent and proper in the universe. Or wait till after you’ve watched this extremely well-crafted crayon WW that the W have actually her challenge melted off prefer a front-row attendee of a Foo battle aircraft concert.


Steven Richter 

Although it’s unclear exactly how long it take it Richter to sculpt this crayon version of the notorious gnarly, environment-friendly character, we’ll assumption: v not as well long. No because any kind of details of the witch are sketchy—far indigenous it—but since Richter probably has actually this all under to a science. Just inspect out the photos on his Instagram. By the way, apparently this isn’t the an initial time he’s melted some of his expert-level work.

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Oh, and also if watching this crayon wicked Witch of the West melt puts girlfriend in the mood for watching the real (fictional) thing, here’s a clip of it from the initial film:


What perform you think of this melt crayon angry Witch the the West? can you ever before melt your very own sculptures after putting in a bunch that time and also effort right into them? “Fly fly fly” into the comments section with your thoughts!

Images: Steven Richter 

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