You require to readjust the sheets on your Queen bed, but the only ones that space clean are that complete sheets set. Or you watch a complete sheet set that matches your bedroom decor to a t. However it is not obtainable in Queen size. Both these cases – and others – raise a usual question. Do complete sheets right a Queen bed?

The answer is, in a push, but it is not ideal. It is less complicated to use flat sheets designed for a full bed on a Queen version, however fitted sheets can be a genuine pain, although, through a couple of tweaks it deserve to be done if you really have actually to. What are these tweaks? we will define here, and also take a closer look at why you must really try your finest to fit your sheets to your bed, fairly than the other means around.

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Are full and also Queen sheets the exact same size?

Some people, who maybe are no well versed in standard bed sizes, carry out think the full and Queen sheets are ‘about’ the exact same size, as, indigenous a street at least, full and Queen beds can look remarkably similar.

The reality is however that the two are not the exact same size and neither room the sheets designed to fit them.

Queen and also full bed size detailed

So, what is the actual difference, in terms of numbers and measurements, in between a full bed and also a Queen bed?

A standard complete bed (mattress) is 53 inch by 74 inches.

A Queen bed, ~ above the other hand, measures 60 customs by 80 inches. So, as you have the right to see, the difference in between the two is actually fairly significant.

Those couple of inches deserve to take ~ above even an ext significance if you share her bed through a partner. A full bed only offers each person – if girlfriend divide points up same – 26.5 inch of resting width each.

A Queen, top top the other hand, supplies each of you a roomier 30 customs of resting width. For some, those extra 4 inches may be important!

Why room Queen beds so popular?

A Queen size bed is the one uncovered most regularly in us bedrooms. But why is that, provided that a King size bed is roomier? Or a full-size bed cheaper?

The answer may lay in statistics. According to the CDC the average height for americans in the 21st century is 5’9″ because that men and also 5’4″ for women. King beds are often taken into consideration to be finest suited because that those over 6 feet, however if the CDC data is correct that does not use to most of us, for this reason a Queen bed fits most simply fine.

Shaving turn off those couple of inches also often helps much better fit a bed right into the average bedroom, which has, in many areas of the country, shrunk end the last few decades. In numerous bedrooms a King size bed would certainly leave tiny room because that anything else, creating a cluttered look that is not exceptionally attractive, or even very practical.


The first hack is making use of what are recognized as sheet straps. Sheet straps are also known together sheet suspenders, and also they deserve to be supplied to gently prolong a full size fitted sheet to fit a Queen size bed.

They are an extremely inexpensive – usually much less than ten dollars per set – and great to have on hand not simply to aid fit a complete sheet come a Queen size bed however to assist ensure the fitted sheets in basic stay in place.

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If you are handy v a sewing machine, or also just a needle and thread, you deserve to also try extending the sheet by including additional fabric to the middle of the sheet. This informative video clip shows you how it is done, and also this technique actually works an extremely well for any kind of deeper bed as well. Paper suspenders will certainly not always work well through a depth mattress, for this reason this fast sew technique may be good for you.