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I have actually a hen sitting and also she is about to hatch part chicks. I have actually too many roosters (4) and also i am wonder if castle will try and ache the chicks as soon as they hatch? when i had actually chickens prior to i had a seperate room for moms and babies however i have moved so i dont have actually that hen house any more. So they are all in the very same room. I figured the mama will certainly take care of them however wanted to make sure. My chickens space let the end in the morning and complimentary range all day and also come back in in ~ dark. Additionally it will be cold, will mama store the small ones heat or will she operation off to perform whatever.

Some roosters and also some hens will injure chicks. I won"t pardon either and if I record a bird being average he or she becomes dinner. Mommy birds differ in just how well they treatment for the babies. Just keep one eye on her and be ready to put the chicken in a brooder if you need to.
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I just had a hen hatch the end 4 infant chicks and also for her breed she is a very an excellent mama, however when she is having to address 4 scatter-brained small chicks running everywhere they room not intend to, provide her a helping hand and put em in a crate till they obtain a little bigger (and smarter)
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It completely depends ~ above the rooster.I to be fortunate enough that I have actually a bloodline of roosters that I can trust to raise young birds because that me. Ns brood lock in the potting shed until castle are large enough to not need the heat and also then up to the barn they go and also when they are around 3 months old in placed them in with my Langshan roos come raise. They carry out a great job and teach feeling to the young roos.But I also have various other breeds the roos and even hen that will kill castle dead in a flash if lock can. Competition because that resources and also continuation of just their bloodline and all that.
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these room buff orpingtons. I will most likely take them from her and also raise them until they are fully feathered.
I"ve never had actually a rooster stroked nerves chicks, but I"ve had actually half-grown turkey poults strike them and break their little legs.

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I"ve had much more trouble with the various other hens going after them. Grandfather Roo seems to choose the little ones in my hens house.
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