I chose to purchase RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 indigenous Steam, since I love the series, and also RCT 3 is a little off come me. I bought it and installed it and also everything, and also whenever I try to beat it, that doesn't work. Doesn't play, no error message, nothing. Now, I've tried countless things, compatibility didn't work, administrator privileges didn't work...

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I even tried running Setup, a paper within the RCT 2 folder. It set up it in a different directory and everything, except the vapor directory, i tried to run it - still nothing! i don't know what's wrong. My OS is windows 8.1 Pro. Please help!


Right click on the exe and also go to compatibility, then pick run this program in compatibility setting for home windows XP (service load 3), these aided me obtain mine running. Hopefully it does because that you as well.

I obtained it from GOG and likewise ran in compatibility setting for XP SP3. I likewise had to examine "Disable screen scaling on high DPI settings" and also "Run this regimen as an administrator".

I obtained it off heavy steam and it works for me. Ns wish I can do much more to help fix her problem, however it isn't a compatability concern with 8.1. Great luck!

I have actually the exact same os and the game runs fine for me. (Note the I'm utilizing a disc.) The only problem I have actually is that ns can't operation it over 800x600 or the crashes.

I have actually Windows 8.1 and also bought RCT2 from steam and it works for me just fine. Ns don't have any type of idea what the problem can be, but I have the right to assure you that it's functioning for me. I just booted it up!

This could be one install location problem. I'm not certain what you've do the efforts exactly, however I recognize that that does work on 8.1 on my SP2, back it's the disc variation (with a no-CD crack). If worse pertains to worse try a virtual an equipment like VMWare Player and also XP Mode.

Just goes come a black color screen? If so, it's probably trying to operation at a resolution your machine doesn't support. This is commonly what happens for me if i don't usage the windowed setting modification.

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That's the problem im getting if I run RCT2 in windowed. I tried every resolution and also it still visited black screen. >:(


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