I have a Nickel stole Winchester Rifle version 12-16 gauge full. Serial number is 273276. It to be my Grandfathers. I likewise have a hunting snapshot of my grand holding it, posing for the photo after a hunting trip v the rabbits castle shot that day in 1925. Ns feel that is in great condition. Has been stored in a padded gun situation all this years. Have actually no idea the last time it was used. He passed beforehand in the 60"s so had to be way before that. Have no idea as soon as it was made or how much that is worth. Hope you can provide me one idea.






Bert H.

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4 years ago


I turned off your first topic post. It is not necessary to post the same question more than once... In truth we frown on it.

The Winchester design 12 is a "Shotgun" versus a "rifle". The serial number identifies it together being made in the year 1920.

The photos you post positively present that the target stock has actually been sanded and refinished (I can not see the slide manage stock plainly enough to evaluate it). The receiver structure is virtually devoid that the original factory blued finish, and also I can see light rust pitting on the bottom that the magazine tube near its time with the recipient frame.

Additionally, at the moment your model 12 was manufactured, the 16-ga guns were every chambered because that a 2 9/16" maximum length shell, i m sorry is 3/16" much shorter than the contemporary 2 3/4" 16-ga shells. Accordingly, it is no safe to shoot her gun with modern manufactured shells.

The overall condition that the total is well below the level sought after by collectors, and also the brief chamber provides it undesirable to the world who would prefer to shooting it, together the shorter shells space no much longer commercially available.

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Undoubtedly it was sentimental value to you and also your family, however as a result of the fairly low graded condition and the short chamber, it has very small value intrinsic value.