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I don"t think there is a break down by s/n because that year of manufacture.If you article pics some males on here are an excellent enough to obtain you in the basic ballpark based upon the checkering patterns.

Well, that sort of small it down to only the years that the 1400 was made.I sort of would choose to narrow it to a year if anyone to know how.

There is not a good list. It would certainly be a little more helpful if we knew the serial number. Go the serial # have actually an "N" prefix(1968 and later) Is it a design 1400 or a model 1400 mark II? A snapshot of the checkering pattern would be somewhat helpful.
Now we are gaining somewhere.SN "N962xxx" so it isi 1968 or laterThe checkering on the forend has actually 3 points on the muzzle end and also 5 point out on the recipient end. Ns hope this will assist to small it down some more.

Serial numbers began at 100000, so your gun is number 862XXX. In 1980 750,000 had been made. Just over 1,250,000 were made by the end of 1992, So your gun to be made in about 1983/84.
Serial numbers began at 100000, so your gun is number 862XXX. In 1980 750,000 had actually been made. Just over 1,250,000 were made by the finish of 1992, So her gun was made in around 1983/84.

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Ole Cowboy has actually it going. Ns knew who would have a system to figure it out. That narrows it under close sufficient for me. The looks favor Winchester would certainly publish this details like this. That would certainly not be hard to do and you could even obtain it down to nearly a month or so plus or minus as to when the total was in reality made. Many thanks again Ole Cowboy.
I have actually just gained my grandfathers gun. That looks a lot newer than my savage/stephens design 620 but that can just it is in from a absence of use.It"s a Winchester design 1400 12 ga. Not a note II.It has actually a serial variety of "106812" v no N or S in prior of it.How old carry out we think this is 1964-1966?
I would additionally like to understand the year of mine Winchester design 1400 ranger 12ga. 28" vent rib barrel Serial number N1127xxx the checkering has 5 points on the behind forearm & 3 top top the front forearm and also 4 clues on the front of the target stock and 6 points checkering top top the rear butt stock. Many thanks a head the time for your help,All the best Arless
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